Virgo Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of December 3, 2023

Allow love to be your guiding light this week as Venus influences your relationships. Venus, the planet of love and wealth, enters Scorpio on December 4. Your detail-oriented nature will express love in thoughtful gestures and genuine acts of service. Single Virgos will find love in the smallest act that goes a big way. This is a great week to connect with someone who shares your values. Couples will focus on communication, something Virgo knows all about as a Mercury-ruled sign. Don't be shy about opening up to your partner. The relationship can grow with this transit. 

Neptune stations direct in Pisces, your opposite sign, on the sixth. Be mindful that this dreamy transit may cause some unnecessary tension as your dearest's head might be in the clouds. Embrace imperfections and celebrate that which makes you and your relationships unique. Love will grow through the expression of care, devotion, and authenticity.

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