Aquarius Daily Bonus Horoscope

June 11, 2023

Everyone is interested in your business. Tell them to buzz off already.

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Daily Love Horoscope

Mental Mercury, our cosmic messenger planet, spins in your solar fourth house of domesticity and will link in a trine to mighty Pluto in your solar twelfth house of the unconscious today, Aquarius. Be aware that you may find profound hunches or intuition that come through. Once distilling their meaning, articulate them assertively to your significant other or crush. If you are single, use this energy to enchant romantic options with deep conversations about the meaning of life, love, and the universe. They may provide insightful feedback as you explore the beauty of human nature together.

Daily Work Horoscope

What will you discover, Aquarius? It might be time to go within to better understand yourself as a professional when Pluto retrograde enters Capricorn today. The remainder of this retrograde period will put your secret talents and weaknesses into perspective, especially if you need to heal something to feel more confident. Given that Mercury in Taurus will trine Pluto retrograde, it might be worthwhile to talk or journal about whatever has happened in the professional past that might be holding you back from making progress in your career path now.

Daily Dating Horoscope

You and your friends are chilling or reconnecting, and it's the perfect time to throw down old stories and see who remembers all the details. New friends listen with awe.

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