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Daily Couple's Lovescope


What goes around comes around. Fortunately you and your darling have been giving each other plenty...

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An unusual offer has you and your partner contemplating a move that you never thought you would...

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Flirtation reminds you of how much fun relationships and romance can be. So bat your eyelashes at...

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The two of you come under some intense scrutiny. Now you know how it feels to be hounded by the...

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Everybody has secrets, but when and where you choose to reveal those pieces of information are up...

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You're a little bit of terrific for your sweetie pie, whether you realize it or not. The problem is...

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Are you asking the impossible of you and your darling? Figure out what's realistic when it comes to...

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Are you trying to restrain your feelings so the boundaries of this relationship will remain the...

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A magical opportunity falls into your laps. Here's a chance to make big financial and overall...

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Save the drama for a paying audience. Right now, your sweetheart needs a little more substance, and...

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It's important to know what to keep quiet and what to share -- and to strike a fine balance between...

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You didn't know you could do this until you went and did it. Even if your belief was flagging, your...

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Stellar Guidance

How to Protect Your Energy When The World Is On Fire

Just as we must treat others with love and kindness, we need to do the same for ourselves. Here’s how.

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