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Daily Couples Lovescope


Subtlety, diplomacy, and discretion. These three words should be your mantra for today, especially...

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It's all about ambience. The right environment helps turn up the heat on your love life. Rack your...

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Sharp-eyed person that you are, you recognize the right path for this relationship even when it's...

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Be kind when speaking about a touchy subject with your partner. Take a noncombative stance and...

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Keep your feelings to yourself for now. Expressing yourself might not go over well with your...

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Someone fully appreciates your sizzle, but does your partner appreciate the attention this person...

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It's time to revisit some issues you and your partner have put on the back burner. Balance your...

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Overcoming this relationship inertia is more than possible with a concerted effort from you and...

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Sometimes love can seem like a big dance of "you push me, I pull you." Instead of fighting these...

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Let your partner turn your world upside down. A change in location might be the least of the...

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You're tempted to make up your own rules—and change them—when it comes to this relationship....

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Your partner challenges you about the way you express yourself. Walking away isn't an option, but...

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