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Daily Couples Lovescope


Your interests and your partner's may conflict a little right now, and your instinct could be to...

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Snap yourself out of a possible lazy mode with a brisk walk. It will clear your head, and you'll...

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That versatile intellect of yours is processing stuff at double speed, including sticky emotional...

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You may be trying to weigh some pros and cons with regard to your relationship at the moment, but...

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If there's something you've been meaning to mention to your significant other, try listening to...

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What you perceive as some backward motion in your relationship may be part of a necessary process....

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Your sweet and funny ways make everyone you encounter feel a little happier to be alive, now even...

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If your partner is driving you a little nuts, give yourself some space and try to scrounge up some...

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If you're feeling hesitant instead of happy-go-lucky when it comes to some aspect of your...

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You're definitely up to facing any challenges that might pop up now, and you've got energy to spare...

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Work or career issues may have a surprising emotional impact on you now, which leaves you little...

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If your partner owes you one, now might be the time to call on them to help you out. Whether it's...

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