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The longer something sits in one place, the more it's in danger of becoming stale. Now that might...

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Think of your relationship as a classic, screwball comedy. You're engaging in witty repartee....

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Your standard of living gets a boost. Wisely, you and your darling decide to use this for your...

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You can't always do the perfect thing, but you can always do your best. That's hard to remember in...

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Be a daredevil when it comes to your relationship. Smooch your sweetie passionately in full view of...

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Incorporate a form of meditation or relaxation into your life. A regular massage or 10 minutes of...

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You -- yes, you -- might be feeling slightly misanthropic lately. So all you want to do is curl up...

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So you two got what you wanted -- and now what? Well, since you're both human, you've realized it...

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Remind yourself that if you and your darling get exactly what you want, it's only going to be as...

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Finances require some finagling, but money can be an especially tricky (and touchy) topic among...

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You're feeling extremely tidy and organized. This is great as you go about putting the house in...

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Get grounded. It's a great time to start a joint exercise program or cooking at home. When you and...

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Many Moons

Are Full Moon Babies Smarter? How to Discover Your Moon Phase and What It Means

Each phase of the lunar cycle has its own special power – and its imprint at birth can last the rest of our lives!

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