Taurus Daily Dating Horoscope

June 11, 2023

Your common sense is making life incredibly easy today, and you may find that you're in the right place for making some serious progress in your love life, your artistic pursuits, or your career.

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Daily Singles Horoscope

Your pals love to feel appreciated, but when your possessive side rears its ugly head, look out! Give your friends a chance to spend time on their own and they'll thank you for it.

Daily Beauty Horoscope

Be sparing when you apply beauty products, makeup and scent right now. Remember, it's always easy to add more on, but it's harder to take it off. Each time you apply, take a big step back and survey your work.

Taurus Weekly Dating Horoscope

Week of June 4, 2023

Take it slowly on Monday, and don't let anyone tell you to move a little faster. Your pace is fine and everyone will see it by Tuesday. You'll feel great and everyone who's been rushing will see that you knew what you were doing all along. You might get cocky on Thursday or Friday and decide to...

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Taurus Monthly Dating Horoscope

Month of June 2023

Start the month with a spicy encounter during the full moon in Sagittarius on June 3, making this your best date night. Get a little adventurous in the bedroom as you explore a hidden part of yourself with a lover. However, with Venus entering Leo on the fifth, you might not stray too far outside...

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