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Taurus Daily Dating Horoscope

September 28, 2023

A former friend proves their loyalty to you to an almost insane degree! Still, you can't help but feel a swooning fondness for them after their big gesture, so take them back into the fold.

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Daily Singles Horoscope

Your moodiness is starting to drive away friends and coworkers. While it's not easy to keep your emotions in check, you might want to spend some time solo until you feel more cheerful.

Daily Beauty Horoscope

If you worry about what other people think of you, you're only half alive and probably boringly dressed. Be honest about your tastes. Identifying your likes and dislikes helps you and your closet have more fun.

Taurus Weekly Dating Horoscope

Week of September 24, 2023

Someone teases you on Monday and won't let up until you snap. If you see it coming, run for cover unless you've got some steam to blow off. You need to make time for your friends this week, and lots of it. They will need you just as much as you need them, and together you're unstoppable. On...

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Taurus Monthly Dating Horoscope

Month of September 2023

After a dramatic summer, you’re ready to build a strong foundation for your relationship when Venus goes direct in Leo on September 3. Trust your gut when Jupiter goes retrograde in your sign the next day. Emotional security is built by calming your own internal storm. Remember to handle your...

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