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Capricorn Daily Dating Horoscope

December 8, 2023

Your heart might have a hard time keeping up with your head right now. Be patient. Your analytical side just needs some space to spin out strategies and plans.

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Daily Singles Horoscope

A flighty friend may disrupt your plans. Even though it's annoying to adjust your schedule, don't panic. In the future, don't invite them until they see that wishy-washy RSVPs won't be tolerated.

Daily Beauty Horoscope

You're just impressing people right and left today! Keep the compliments coming as you debut your new blazer, sport your designer pumps or show off the professional-style makeup you worked so hard to earn.

Capricorn Weekly Dating Horoscope

Week of December 3, 2023

You are feeling totally grounded in reality and ready to take on the world on Monday. The rest of the week will be energetic and a great time to start new things in your love life, career, school,or any other part of your life. If there's a big decision coming up, put it off until Friday or...

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Capricorn Monthly Dating Horoscope

Month of December 2023

Use the holiday season as an excuse to mingle when Mercury enters your sign on December 1. Your words can make an excellent first impression on a date. Don’t be shy, Capricorn, talk yourself up! Especially when Venus enters Scorpio on the fourth, giving your social life a boost. You could meet...

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