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Capricorn Weekly Dating Horoscope

Week of December 10, 2023

Hold firm with your plans early this week, no matter what weirdness seems to get in the way. You need to be able to see the big picture. By Wednesday or Thursday, you'll start to see the results you were hoping for, and so will other people. Think big over the weekend. There's room for improvement in at least one part of your life, and you should be able to see exactly what to do about it. On Sunday, you might be the only one of your friends who really knows what time it is.

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Weekly Love Horoscope

It's time to slow down and really listen to those around you, Capricorn. Mercury goes retrograde this week in your sign on the thirteenth, so pay attention. Focus on emotional connections with your partner this week. Make sure you think before you speak. You need to express how you feel, but definitely take the time to gather your thoughts before you blurt things out. Single Capricorns will get a visit from an ex-partner or old flame. Feel free to revisit these connections with care. Your heart is open, and you are vulnerable. Just one day...

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Weekly Work Horoscope

There is so much to discuss, Capricorn! You might be in a networking mood when Venus in Scorpio sextiles Mercury in your sign on Monday, December 11. The sextile is good-natured, so you may feel more social than usual. As a result, this could lead to an awesome interaction with a colleague that could be on- or offline. Regardless of where it takes place, it might be the type of interaction that allows for a new, prosperous professional relationship or opportunity to build.  By the following day, you may notice this could lead to a world of...

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Capricorn Daily Dating Horoscope

December 10

If there's someone you've been trying to impress, expect today to be the day they choose to finally come to their senses and see how awesome you are.

Capricorn Monthly Dating Horoscope

Month of December 2023

Use the holiday season as an excuse to mingle when Mercury enters your sign on December 1. Your words can make an excellent first impression on a date. Don’t be shy, Capricorn, talk yourself up! Especially when Venus enters Scorpio on the fourth, giving your social life a boost. You could meet...

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