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Virgo Daily Dating Horoscope

December 8, 2023

Force yourself to drop down a few gears and coast. Others love that laid-back attitude of yours. What's the big hurry? You're in an unusual rush today for no good reason.

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Daily Singles Horoscope

Today could be good or bad. You can't control the future, but you can help shape the present by choosing your actions wisely. Do your best to keep a positive outlook in the face of adversity.

Daily Beauty Horoscope

Hair not turning out the way you wanted? Tousle it for a saucy updo. Not crazy about your same old jeans? Turn a colorful scarf into a belt for a new look. The moral of the story: Don't criticize... get creative!

Virgo Weekly Dating Horoscope

Week of December 3, 2023

Everything is still making sense on Monday, and you'll love the feeling of power that comes just from being well informed. You might want to have a serious talk with someone early in the week about where you see yourself headed in the near future, and if you do, it will go quite well. It might be...

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Virgo Monthly Dating Horoscope

Month of December 2023

Get out the mistletoe when Mercury enters Capricorn on December 1. It’s cuffing season, and if you’re lusting after someone, let them know. Especially since your words will be extra seductive when Venus enters Scorpio on the fourth. Charm them on an intellectual level and they’ll see what else your...

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