Find Guidance this Fall with your October Premium Horoscope! Find Guidance this Fall with your October Premium Horoscope!

Virgo Weekly Dating Horoscope

Week of October 1, 2023

Choose your every word with care on Monday and Tuesday, and maybe on Wednesday too, just to play it safe. People will appear to go out of their way to misunderstand you. All that will start to shake out by Wednesday afternoon or evening. Toward the end of the week you ought to find yourself totally energized by a conversation. Stay flexible with your friends and your dates throughout the weekend because plans will change over and over despite your best efforts to keep your people on track. Just go with it!

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Weekly Love Horoscope

The planetary connection between Venus and the Nodes of Destiny on October 2 is giving you the chance to explore your innermost desires. This means you might reach out to a former love with whom you had a clandestine relationship. Or, you're flirting with someone behind your partner's back and wanting to keep it a secret.  Although it may seem as though you're looking to start problems in your relationship, you're really acting this way because you are unsure where your situationship is going right now. Exploring different options and...

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Weekly Work Horoscope

What do you want for your professional commitments, Virgo? Expect to feel notably self-assured of your expectations and boundaries when Mercury in your zodiac sign opposes Neptune retrograde in Pisces on Monday, October 2. The opposition will show you where you stand in your arrangements, contracts, and partnerships. As a result, you have a chance to reinforce what you want to focus on in your professional commitments.  But you may have to dig deep to find your power and confidence to address what you want in your arrangements since Venus in...

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Virgo Daily Dating Horoscope

October 01, 2023

Logic tells you what you need to do next, but you might not be all that happy about it. Odds are that someone else in your life is even less happy about it, but that just means it's even more important.

Virgo Monthly Dating Horoscope

Month of October 2023

October can be spooky, but what’s really frightening is making decisions when Mercury enters Libra on October 4. Take your time when choosing between two potential lovers. Especially since you’ll be wearing your heart on your sleeve when Venus enters your sign on the eighth. After vanquishing your...

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