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Daily Love Horoscope


Love takes off when you go for a change of pace. Small quality of life items make huge differences....

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Why compromise when it comes to your love life? You know what does and doesn't work for you, and...

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You're so charismatic that everyone wants you in their life, but you're only one person. Let's face...

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Being single has a whole lot of advantages. You're more mobile, you have more disposable income,...

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Sometimes a poker face is absolutely necessary, especially when it comes to war stories from the...

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A love opportunity doesn't seem like a right fit at the start. Keep an open mind. Love works in...

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Technology helps you get to know someone on a much different level than meeting them at a party....

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Are you still holding on to an old romantic grudge? It's time to forgive even if you can't quite...

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Thanks to the stars, you lighten up. In fact, you feel so light that you're practically flying!...

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Falling in love is easy—for other people. That's your cynical side talking. Make sure you access...

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Dating involves taking risks, but if you feel like certain boundaries are being breached before...

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Believe it or not, you're on the right romantic path, but you'll start to encounter some deep...

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