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If you haven't already done so, now is the best time to write down your needs and goals for your...

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You come across as somewhat gruff right now -- and that's fine! You don't have time for fun and...

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In case you haven't noticed, your profile is a little stale. Spend some time sprucing it up -- ask...

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If you feel like you could stay up all night dancing, why not host something crazy like a funk...

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You're all over the place today. In the morning, you love being single -- but by later this...

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You meet lots of people today. Of course you don't mesh with everyone, but still, try not to rule...

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You feel like you know what's up, but the odds are you really don't. Assumptions are truly...

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If you're at a loss for fun ideas, pick up the local weekly and check out the listings. You should...

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Stay close to home -- you find comfort among your sacred things. Snuggle under your favorite...

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You're fun to be around today. Those who really want to have a good time are sure to seek out your...

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It started out fun and silly, but someone is likely becoming increasingly possessive -- and you...

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If you're developing a more intense relationship with a friend, think about taking it deeper today....

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Grounding Elements -

The Stars Are Shady as F*Ck This Week. Let This Playlist Be a Warning

This week, the stars align to F up your flow. Use this playlist to course-correct your heart!

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