Month of Jun 2020: Your ruler Venus stationed retrograde in Gemini last month, bringing a detour in your best-laid plans. Now, June brings eclipses, planetary shifts, and major aspects, bringing valuable information, changes of direction, and a whole new professional cycle.

On June 2, Venus squares Mars and Mercury enters shadow phase. This is followed by the sun-Venus conjunction the next day, marking a turning point in a work situation and shining a light on the path ahead. You have options, and you're free to explore them, but keep the big picture in mind. If you’re having trouble seeing eye to eye with teammates, stay focused on a common long-term goal and you can find a way forward.

There’s more information surfacing as the Sagittarius full moon and penumbral eclipse align on the fifth, bringing conversations, information, and a fresh perspective on a situation. You're seeing another side to a story, bringing you to a fork in the road. Move inward to clarify a dream for your life, then you can make wise choices that take you closer to your goals.

Also, with Mars and Neptune approaching a conjunction on June 13, maintain transparency. Trust your intuition regarding a work situation or situation with teammates. Mercury stations retrograde in Cancer on the seventeenth, and remains so until July 12, bringing professional developments. You could be reconnecting with past contacts or something you thought was a missed opportunity. This is also an ideal time to update your website, rework a marketing or advertising strategy, and reflect on your public image.

On June 20, the sun reaches the equinox and the Cancer annular solar eclipse and new moon align, marking a fresh, new professional cycle. Your career is moving to a whole new level. This is a chance to clarify and redefine your goals and ambitions and what success means to you.

More shifts arrive as your ruler Venus stations direct on the twenty-fourth, bringing a turnaround. You’re learning information, bringing perspective and direction. There could be travel opportunities. You might be exploring higher education and foreign connections, considering expanding your business internationally or relocating, or there could be a resolution in legal matters. You are not trapped. You have options and the freedom to explore them. Remember your lessons and you can make wise choices.

Mars enters Aries on June 27 and remains here for six months, heating up your partnerships and one-to-one connections. As the saying goes, if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. You have the opportunity to partner with others, but get clear on your goals, then partner with others who share your goals.

Last, but certainly not least, Jupiter meets Pluto on the twenty-ninth, followed by the sun-Mercury conjunction the next day, putting you in the spotlight professionally and bringing huge fundamental and foundational shifts. This is a chance to release old ideas of success and security as you discover your hidden potential. Now is the time to think globally and act locally. This is about not just your success but your legacy.

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