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Month of Jun 2019: You make your own luck by being on the lookout for opportunities. Just looking won’t work, however. Next, take the break you get and run with it. On June 3, the Gemini new moon is a jumping-off place in your sign of new ventures. It inspires, if you let it, in the 30 days following the phase.

Mercury joins Cancer Mars in your career sign on the fourth. It triggers June’s gentle, quiet persistence and charisma. Ruling planet Venus seconds the motion during a Gemini transit on June 8.

The eleventh and twelfth are lucky days to search and send out resumes if job hunting. It’s the opportune time for interviews and meetings.

On June 16, lucky Jupiter, the planet of plenty, squares dreamer Neptune. If you use the aspect as motivation, you take action rather than just think big. The sextile between Saturn and Neptune two days later inspires the confidence of others when you display self-confidence. Ever-determined Saturn stimulates the sense of responsibility that ensures others that you’ll work hard to make it happen.

Leo Mercury gives the nod to take a risk on the twenty-sixth. Next month, you discover the worthy cause, the quest that inspires you to make an earnest effort.

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