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Month of Mar 2019: Procrastination is DIY delay. It’s about choosing to do something else instead of what you should do. It’s a habit you don’t want to have hold you back this month. On March 1, Venus transits Aquarius and your creativity and speculation sign. If anything, you’ll profit from changes and others’ goodwill.

From the fifth through the twenty-eighth, Mercury is retrograde in your work routine and co-workers sign. This is an opportune time to clear up things that should have been handled a long time ago.

Uranus begins a transit in practical Taurus, your sign of shared resources, on March 6. Uranus won’t stop bringing the unexpected, but the changes should be more gradual for the next seven years. The planet of windfalls ensures long-lasting rewards.

A veritable beehive of cosmic activity happens between the thirteenth and the fifteenth. Expect random (but connected) events. Your mission is to look for the links.

March 20, the first day of spring, is a lucky day under a full Libra moon. Celebrate and relax. The next day is also lucky for searching and sending out resumes if you’re job hunting. Also schedule interviews and meetings under fortunate stars.

On the thirtieth, Mars begins transiting Gemini, your expansion and higher learning sign. Explore new territory next month.

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