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January’s theme is the pursuit of happiness and the nice feeling of things peaceful and simple. On January 1, a full Cancer moon highlights your tenth house and career moves. The phase symbolizes the power to achieve, with an interesting addition involving the moon squaring nonconformist Uranus, now direct. They nudge a shifting of gears. Any thoughts?

The seventh is a lucky day. Search if job hunting and send out resumes. Schedule interviews and meetings for Monday, January 8, another lucky day. Still any thoughts? If not or unsure, Mercury takes control and directs concentration on what you think is important starting the tenth, when it enters Capricorn.

On January 17, Aquarius Venus inspires creativity in your fifth house. Beginning on the twenty-sixth, Sagittarius Mars sparks spirited discussions while energizing your communication house. Don’t be surprised if you’re a more restless spirit seeking new diversions. Do you sense a theme relevant to happiness and nice feelings?

This takes us to the Leo lunar eclipse on January 31, and now you have the stimulation for new goals and opportunities. Leo gets attention, as well as assistance, from Mercury in carefree Aquarius as far as self-expression goes. Happiness is a thing called ______. Fill in the blank next month.

Stellar Guidance


The sun moved from Aquarius and into Pisces this weekend, bringing with it a chance for all of us to tune in to our intuition. Colin Bedell shares tips for each zodiac sign.

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