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Month of Jun 2019: It’s June and your career sign is in the spotlight once again. On June 3, the important Gemini new moon heralds honor and gains. It is to your advantage to conceptualize goals in the 30 days following the phase.

On the fourth, ruling Mercury transits your sign of business connections (where the planet retrogrades in July). Connect and keep in touch. On June 7, Mercury sextiles Uranus, planet of the diversity that creates more opportunities.

Gemini Venus glimmers brightly in your career sign on the eighth, and as ruler of your money sign, it’s a fortunate omen for financial rewards through the end of the month.

June 9 is a lucky day. Search if job hunting. Prepare resumes and responses. Tentatively schedule meetings on the sixteenth. Jupiter squares Neptune in a strong ten-day transit that deals with roles in private and public life.

Starting June 18, the Saturn-Neptune sextile offers opportunities unless you second-guess your own experience and intuition. The next day, are “should haves” holding you back? Think about it when ruling Mercury opposes Pluto, the planet of revelations and transformation. How fitting when out of dreams come many ideas that serve you well, beginning when Mercury enters Leo on the twenty-sixth. It’s a gift for the next month.

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