Month of Dec 2020: You are still riding the high of the Gemini lunar eclipse on November 30, Virgo, so this month starts with you feeling more work-minded than ever. While you might not be motivated to focus all month on work, you’re happy knowing that you could be in the running for a promotion, news you may have heard during the lunar eclipse.

The caveat is that you may not want to invest all your energies doing menial tasks at the office now that you know you’re in good standing with your boss. But this could backfire if it stirs resentment from colleagues during the great conjunction, when Jupiter and Saturn align in Aquarius on the twenty-first.

The Cancer full moon on December 29 could bring a new job title that heightens your public standing and makes you the envy of others, but it won’t necessarily bring a pay increase. Don’t compromise the value of your hard work for the opportunity to have a fancy title. Keep that in mind before you agree to a situation that you may come to resent later. Make sure you’re happy with what you decide and in control of every detail to ensure your prosperity and fulfillment.

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