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Month of Mar 2020: Since December 2017, you’ve been regenerating yourself creatively, resurrecting yourself from the depths of self-doubt to regain your self-confidence and autonomy. This process heats up in March, and it’s time to put your creativity and ideas to the test. 

On March 9, Mercury stations direct and a full moon aligns in Virgo, putting you in the spotlight. You’re gaining clarity about a situation at work and finding solutions. But be willing to ask for the help you need. People are not mind readers, and you need teamwork—especially as Saturn enters Aquarius, your work and health sector, on March 21 and remains here until 2023. Expect life to get busier. You could be ending or starting a job, taking on greater responsibilities at work, going (back) to school, or learning a new skill, or perhaps there are changes in your routine. 

If health issues arise, pay attention and make necessary lifestyle changes that support your well-being. Whether this means working fewer hours, delegating more tasks, learning to say no, and/or finding innovative solutions, your health comes first. Without that you have nothing. Nothing is insurmountable, and you needn’t reinvent the wheel. 

Consider the next two years to be a learning curve. Be humble, take things a day at a time, and you can grow. Dig deep for what brings you a sense of purpose every day. Work smarter rather than harder, and inspire a sense of teamwork. This is a chance to build a life that supports you and gives back to the world, healing and uplifting the lives it touches.

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