Month of Aug 2020: There are many layers to the story going on at once for you, and you’re beginning to question some once strongly held beliefs. This month brings you back to center and gives you some additional energy that you've needed for a long time. You’re aligning with your value system and getting additional psychic insights, so pay extremely careful attention to the messages you receive in your dreams.

As the sun enters your dedicated sign on August 22, you’ll feel more aligned with your personal needs and even more solid in your financial prosperity. You have plenty of influence from the planet Neptune in watery Pisces as well.

This is more specifically reflected as Venus in Cancer trines the oceanic planet in your zone of community development and business partnerships on the twenty-seventh, encouraging you to connect to your dream team. There is more you can accomplish with a group of supportive individuals around you, and with that there is absolutely nothing you can’t do.

There might even be an emphasis on giving and humanitarian efforts that help those in need and bring light to those going through some very difficult times. You have an amazing heart, and you are here to share your gifts and talents with those around you.

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