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August 2017
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Others’ emotions cloud life in August. Negative mindsets interfere, and this is why your mission is to maintain stability rather than be swayed by current conditions. Let another decide to be influenced by their moods. You don’t need to be. Being at home with the future means engaging in your long-term vision between August 3 and 4. You’ll feel at home with the future, more so than the past, at this time. Plan and make decisions. Be a patient observer from the 10 to the 11 and discover opportunities where there weren’t any before. You appear as the right person at the right time in the right place. That means this is the time to advertise yourself, when you are noticed and your words have meaning. Between the 15 and 18 is a key time for strategic moves, once you have the strategy right and can move quickly. Two other important dates that mark a turning point are August 21 and 22. (Circumstances begin to be with you over the next few months, btw.) You’re on a roll. The 24 is a lucky day. Search, hunt for jobs, send out resumes, and schedule interviews and meetings. Take notes when your activity peaks the week of the 28. Your ideas are necessary next month.

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