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Month of Nov 2019: Diplomacy! It’s where you shine because you’re not only sensitive but also effective at it. You’ll use that finesse, and more, in November.

On November 1, Venus is your helpful co-diplomat as she transits your communication sign. On the fifth and sixth, Venus aspects Uranus while Libra Mars squares Pluto, and they stimulate surprises and changes. You have to stay channeled and focused every moment now. Mars is on the verge of changing signs. People really want to wrap things up. Do just that as a liaison of goodwill.

In the week of November 12, the Mars-Jupiter sextile enhances your luck factor, while Venus aspecting Neptune, the great dissolver, moves obstacles out of the way.

Mars moves to your money sign on the eighteenth. Don’t be surprised if you reap rewards for your peacekeeping efforts.

November 22 is lucky day to schedule meetings. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting.

On the twenty-eighth, Venus trines Uranus, and there could be a surprise element—even a windfall—from a planetary connection earlier this month. There are changes, like departures from the usual. Next month, something or someone departed allows for something good to enter.

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