October 2018: You earned the generous gifts for your past work, and you feel renewed, revived, and confident receiving them. October holds the promise of success.

Between October 2 and October 5, Libra Mercury triggers emotions and thoughts in a square with powerful Pluto. Scorpio Venus calls for planning and reevaluation while retrograde in your financial sector. You could find something profitable (we’re talking auspicious Venus here).

Speaking of lucky, the eighth is that kind of day - and you have a new Libra moon. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. Schedule interviews and meetings, perhaps to discuss launching something. This is the most advantageous time for a new beginning.

On October 15, mentally quick Mercury conjoins retrograde Venus, suggesting, “You liked my act the first time, how about an encore!” Collect the generous gifts once again.

Take advantage when ruling Venus sextiles Saturn on the twenty-fourth, and the two stimulate the opportunity to revive a business connection (it’s to your advantage, btw). If your intuition has nudged you recently but you’ve procrastinated, do it now.

On the month’s last day, retrograde Venus returns to your sign while Mercury moves to Sagittarius. The positive transits segue into next month to accent creativity, popularity, and gain.

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