Month of Jul 2020: There is so much intensity through much of this month for you, Libra. The transits occurring in the skies present some pretty hefty challenges to your balance. You need to just allow yourself to ask for help at certain times and consider all of your options right now.

You’ve made plenty of connections over the years, people who can present you with the perfect advice at just the right time. This isn’t a cycle in which you should go at things alone. There is more power in a group effort for you right now. You might have to think on your feet more than you’d prefer and make spontaneous judgments that can leave you feeling a little squeamish, especially if you let your perfectionist tendencies get the better of you.

The lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 4 doesn't bring a magical solution, but it does bring a strong indication of what career door needs to close in your life. More specifically, think about if you've felt used and abused by previous authority figures. This is quite a pivotal period of growth for you. There's nothing easy regarding life’s growing pains. However, the alliances you make during this cycle will thoroughly impress you and connect with you on a soul-mate level.

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