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Month of Apr 2020: You’re flying high as April begins, gaining perspective on your life and long-term goals. There are foundational shifts taking place, bringing you to a series of breakthroughs in your partnerships and finances. You could be traveling, exploring international opportunities and connections, expanding a business globally, dealing with legal matters, considering higher education, or perhaps even relocating for work.

On April 7, the Libra full moon brings matters to a head, suggesting a need for stability and balanced choices. You’re nearing a powerful turning point midmonth, allowing you to strengthen important connections. Consciously leave the past behind, including ambitions you’ve outgrown, as you plan for the future. It will call for compromise, but focus on a long-term common goal and you can inspire others with your vision, gather support, and find a way forward.

By the end of the month, you could be reaching a breakthrough in a financial situation, and the ground beneath your feet is shifting. Avoid power struggles or clinging to what is changing. Trust that anything that falls away is making room for commitments that are loyal, solid, and offer you tangible support, security, as well as the freedom you desire.

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