Month of Sep 2020: You have so much going for you during the month of September, Libra! The month kicks off with a bang as Venus adds harmonious waves of love in Leo on September 6, lifting you toward a stronger sense of community. This is quite helpful for those natives of the sign of the Scales who want to connect with a business partner who sees the world in a similar light.

Expect delays and certain adjustments as Mars goes retrograde on the ninth and remains so until midway through November. This isn’t a make-it-or-break-it transit for you, but it does provide you with a strong reflective energy. Someone in your life is very much mirroring your behavior. It has to do with the way you conduct yourself in your career, and it might even remind you of a past version of yourself. Luckily, you’re just going through some growing pains now.

This is going to be an important time for growth and success. In fact, at the vernal equinox on September 22, it is officially the start of your birthday season! Now is when you can embrace who you are and what you came here to do. You could have many nights of contemplation and anxiety about what is coming next, but that is all the more reason for you to take advantage of your brilliant insights.

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