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Month of Apr 2019: Leave the safety of familiar places and explore new territory. In April, there are rewards for those who try. On April 2, Mercury conjoins Neptune, the dissolver of barriers that may have held you back.

On the tenth, Jupiter turning retrograde in your communication sign says it’s time to renew connections when you have a chance to improve the positive rapport. The Mercury-Pluto sextile and the business-oriented Saturn-sun square are both motivational influences for making changes and seeking new initiatives.

On April 16, Aries Mercury encourages idea meetings with partners through the remainder of the month. You reach an even larger approving audience when lucky Venus follows.

The seventeenth and eighteenth are lucky days to search and send out resumes. Schedule interviews and meetings under fortunate stars.

On April 19, a full Libra moon in last degrees says work is done and you can relax, but on Monday the sun conjoins Taurus Uranus and things take unusual twists that call for action over the next few days. The Pluto retrograde on the twenty-fourth offers opportunities to try again another way.

A Saturn retrograde slows the passage of time, starting April 29. Next month, big leaps aren’t as easy as you thought.

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