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October is an exciting time of expansion, with openings for new and unexpected opportunities. This is why your planning becomes karmic - it affects your immediate circumstances. But before you leap into the future, you have a chance to revisit a previous matter and alter the outcome. Between October 4 and October 6, review recent information, recycle, perfect, and refine and have a go at a yes this time around. A new cycle that releases the tension of feeling restricted begins on October 10. A new world is yours to leave your mark on in the next year. October 17 and October 18 are lucky days. Search and send out resumes if you are job hunting. The days are favorable for interviews and meetings. October 19 is especially beneficial for starting something new. Planner that you are, you’ve already established a foundation. Beginning October 23, enjoy a creative and receptive energy. This is another part of the cycle that began on October 10. As you can see, October is a benchmark time, and November represents good fortune ahead if you stay on course. You must act. If you sit and wait, you can’t assume that things will follow the course. Respond with action!

Grounding Elements - Song of the Moment

Planetary Opposition: Proceed with Caution

Conflicting emotions abound today, thanks to lingering effects from yesterdays planetary oppositions. Here, Christine Aprile recommends that we all take a page out of Frank Ocean's book and make room for that thin line between love and hate.

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