Month of Jan 2021: The raise you’ve been longing for could come into play when Mars enters Taurus on January 6. But your hopes could be frustrated when rebellious Uranus ends its moonwalk on the fourteenth. This energy could bring unexpected twists and circumstances, such as the raise may not be the amount you’d hoped for. But on the contrary, you could be surprised. When Uranus is involved, you have to expect the unexpected.

The new moon in Capricorn on January 13 shifts a lot of your subconscious career goals to the forefront of your mind. You might even want to change your role at work or take on more outside projects to help others.

On the twenty-sixth, elusive Neptune squares the nodes of destiny, and this might force you to rethink the relationship you have with your colleagues. Deception could be unmasked and ulterior motives brought to light. Quite frankly, this may not be the best of times for you at work.

Luckily, the Leo full moon on January 28 can align you with new people through networking, people who can help you trust again and get your groove back. Mercury’s planetary backspin on the thirtieth could have you rethinking your role with your co-workers, perhaps moving you to give collaboration one more chance. Who knows? Maybe this time you’ll all get along.

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