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Month of May 2019: May is about the white-hot passion for what you need and want. Planets stimulate you, energize you, and help you focus. That means it’s time to set some mind-blowing goals! On May 1, communicative Mercury sextiles Gemini Mars, so move around and connect with others.

The fourth brings the new Taurus moon for determination in the 30 days following the phase.

Ruling planet Venus trines benevolent Jupiter on May 9. It is serendipity and illumination of the fortunate kind. Pluto contributes laser-sharp vision to see more clearly through the fourteenth.

May 15 is a lucky day. Search and send out resumes if you’re job hunting. It’s an auspicious time for interviews and meetings. Ruling Venus, the planet of money, showers you with luck in your house of shared resources. Mars is aware of security and isn’t easily turned from his purpose in your career sector.

On the twenty-first, the sun and Mercury transit your sector of expansion. You aren’t at a dead-end if you welcome changes.

On May 30 and May 31, Venus sextiles Neptune and trines business-oriented Saturn. The universe cooperates with you. Don’t be surprised by a positive but curious coincidence that isn’t really a fluke!

Next month, you have to weigh decisions before you take action.

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