Month of Oct 2020: Welcome to a wonderful month, Libra! There's plenty to be happy about on the professional level right now. You have several wins and incredible opportunities on the way right out of the gate with an action-packed full moon in your opposing sign of Aries on October 1. It’s a great way to start, but try not to make too many impulsive financial decisions around this time. Keep yourself in check even if it means setting up a strict budget. Mercury enters its retrograde cycle in Scorpio on the thirteenth.

You'll feel the Scales balancing out around the new moon in your sign on October 16. There is a cornucopia of good luck being sent your way in all realms of your career. It can even be the perfect date to revamp and post those resumes to online job sites or restart that project you'd put on hold.

You might need to revisit some decisions around the twenty-seventh as Mercury in retrograde enters your sign. This could cause some upsets or miscommunications in your personal and professional relationships, but with patience and your naturally sharp wits, you'll be able to smooth things over in no time.

You might have to turn over some rocks and really look into what you want for yourself with the Taurus full moon, a blue moon, on October 31, but, all in all, this month has prosperity written all over it!

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