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Month of May 2020: As you enter May, the sun is in Taurus, highlighting your business and financial partnerships.

On May 4, the sun meets Mercury, followed by the Scorpio full moon three days later, which brings a partnership or financial situation to a head. Lucrative opportunities are arising, with the potential to increase your income. But this is also marking the end of a chapter, asking you to release what is changing.

This sets in motion a series of necessary changes and developments as the month progresses. First, Saturn stations retrograde on the tenth, asking you to dig deeper for your creativity and authenticity and realign with your innermost self and desires. It might mean less or more structure or making time for your art, personal projects, and downtime to be inspired.

On May 12, your ruler Venus stations retrograde in Gemini, the sector of your chart that relates to foreign travel, international connections, higher education, and legal matters. You have choices to make, and there will be detours. For every door that closes, there seem to be two new pathways opening up. Move slowly as you explore your options.

Finally, Jupiter stations retrograde on the fourteenth, highlighting security matters. For some, you might be expanding offices globally, relocating for work, or rebuilding your empire from the ground up.

As the month ends, the Gemini new moon on May 22 opens new horizons. This is a chance to envision and recreate a life that is aligned with your highest ideals and rooted in your core values.

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