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Change is everywhere. While some may challenge it, you move gracefully through it beginning as early as March 1. The date occurs under a full Virgo moon that stimulates your power to achieve. It is a very lucky day to search listings and send out resumes if you are job hunting (planets inspire discoveries). It’s also a beneficial time to schedule interviews and meetings.

On the fifth and sixth, Mercury and Venus begin a transit of Aries, and they speed up even more changes as they merge with Uranus, planet of the unexpected. That means surprises, but they do shake up your routine (positively, btw).

Jupiter turns retrograde on March 8, accenting communication and synchronously going back and securing better information upon which to make a decision.

The sun trines Jupiter on the thirteenth, making this another lucky day.

On March 17, Mars begins a two-and-a-half-year transit of business-oriented Capricorn, to your advantage. The middle of the month highlights partnerships.

Mercury turns retrograde on the twenty-second, and you can go back and try again.

The fiery Aries sun squares Capricorn Saturn and they unsnarl obstructions on March 29. Also, fortunate Venus begins transiting your house of confidence and excellence the next day. The transit paves the way for expansion and new experiences next month.

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