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Month of May 2020: Your ruler Mercury is in Taurus as the month begins, highlighting your international connections, legal matters, and travel.

You’re exploring new avenues, learning information, and discovering opportunities to expand your horizons as the sun meets Mercury on the fourth and the Scorpio full moon aligns three days later. You might even consider higher education, relocation internationally, or more travel, but first this will call for clearing space and reimagining your entire life and goals.

Saturn stations retrograde in Aquarius on May 10, bringing a change in plans. Projects might stall or need to take a back seat as you make room for a growing vision. Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn on July 1. This is a chance to restructure your life, work, and schedule and delegate tasks and manage time better daily so you can focus on what needs your attention most.

Mercury enters Gemini, your professional sector, on the eleventh, followed by Venus stationing retrograde in Gemini the next day. This part of your chart relates to your career, professional matters, ambition, and public image. This is an ideal time to redesign your website, strategize your social media presence, and reflect on your public image.

You might even be considering a change in career or job. You have more opportunities and potential than you first imagined. But what do you want? This is a chance to redefine your goals, ambitions, and what success means to you. Finally, Jupiter stations retrograde on May 14, drawing you to explore your creativity and rediscover what you feel most passionately about.

The Gemini new moon aligns on the twenty-second, marking a new professional cycle. Define your goals and reach for what brings you the greatest joy and sense of purpose every day. Then, with time, dedication, and hard work, success will follow as night follows day.

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