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Month of Aug 2019: Your communication skills shine in August, especially due to your ability to get to the bottom line. The month’s energy enriches your ability to gain support without “fluff talk” (which others use). You deserve an award for the skill that wins support now.

August 2 is a lucky day to hold interviews and conduct meetings. Search and send out resumes under lucky stars. The next day is a lucky Saturday.

On the eleventh, direct Leo Mercury stimulates deep intuition and empathy. Fortunate Jupiter’s direct motion in your foundation-and-roots sign brings the new upon which to build. Innovative Uranus, now retrograde, offers one more chance while helping eliminate challenges, with only a few slight delays in the process.

August marks the Virgo time of year when the inner planets transit your sign. Mars enters Virgo on August 17. It last transited Virgo two and one-half years ago. Think new excitement through new beginnings, if you dare. On the twenty-first, welcome Virgo Venus for beneficial relationships and financial improvements.

On August 23, the Virgo sun means birthday ahead. It’s goal-making time. On the twenty-ninth, Virgo Mercury increases efficiency (could it get any better?)

August 30 is a lucky day, with a Virgo new moon heralding next month’s opportunity to spread your wings.

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