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virgo Horoscope

Month of Apr 2020: Your financial and creative partnerships are undergoing a powerful evolution, transition, and shift in power dynamics leading to a series of breakthroughs. You’re also reclaiming your autonomy, drawing you to take risks and be more authentic. This process spans the coming year, a time when you’re confronting your fears and reclaiming your power in your life. Have more faith in yourself, your abilities, and what you bring to the table—it’s a lot.

Midmonth could bring you to a powerful turning point. You might be changing jobs or projects, negotiating a raise or promotion, entering a new financial or business partnership, perhaps even contemplating a career change. You needn’t reinvent the wheel; a minor adjustment of time and resources might be all that’s needed to stabilize a situation. You don’t have total control, but you do have the power and a duty to make choices that support your life.

The end of the month could bring you to a breakthrough. You can have the freedom you desire on a daily basis, but it will require you to let go of dogmas and rules that no longer work. Have faith. You’re being freed from a situation, allowing you to explore new opportunities on the horizon.

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