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If you feel you’re in a rut, the ground has changed and could lead off the beaten path and possibly out of said rut. The first two days of the month are lucky days for you. If you’re job hunting, search and send out resumes. You can also schedule interviews and meetings under fortunate stars.

On February 6, the Scorpio moon squares ruling planet Mercury, highlighting on-the-job training and perhaps changes in responsibilities and/or personnel.

On the thirteenth, Aquarius Mercury squares persistent Jupiter, calling for decisions you should take your time making.

The solar eclipse in your house of work routine on February 15 highlights investigation, because it could be very important to find the route out of a rut.

On the twenty-fifth, the Pisces sun and the Cancer moon aspect Saturn, and wise Saturn points out uncomfortable areas of life. It’s time to look at structures to discard because they aren’t worth the energy you expend on them. Replace them with groundwork you can build on.

On February 28, ruling Mercury squares fiery Sagittarius Mars, indicative of the possibility that someone (not meticulous Virgo) is careless with facts. Avoid hasty conclusions. You’ll be spot-on because you thought about it longer.

Next month, be prepared to resolve a lack of cooperation because of a change.

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