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Month of Nov 2019: Don’t hold back! Express your opinion this month! Communicate what matters to you. Starting on November 1, with Venus entering Sagittarius, say it bluntly but nicely.

Mars in your money sign squares Pluto in your risk-taking sign on the fifth, giving you tremendous motivational drive. They stimulate change, perhaps just when you need something fresh and motivating.

The week of November 11, the sun conjoins retrograde Mercury in your communication sign. The latter’s condition accents examining old information under a new light. Wednesday’s sextile between ruling Mercury and ambitious Saturn, with a trine to perceptive Neptune, helps you connect the dots inside your mind. It’s a second chance, so no, you didn’t wait too long to talk about it.

On the eighteenth, Mars stirs up activities in Scorpio and your communication sign. Again, speak up. Don’t dare people to guess what you need.

Mercury turning direct on November 20 doubles the good fortune on your lucky day this month. Schedule meetings and interviews, search, and send out resumes if you’re job hunting

Venus, wearing her business hat, enters Capricorn and your creativity and risk-taking sign on the twenty-fifth. Greet lucky chances.

On November 28, you end the month with a trine between Mercury and Neptune, in opportunity aspect with ambitious Saturn. You gain through tact and perseverance, synchronously also next month’s theme.

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