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Capricorn Monthly Dating Horoscope

Month of June 2024

June begins on a productive note when Mercury enters Gemini on June 3. While this might not be the most romantic period, working on yourself is key for healthy relationships. Establish some better relationship habits during the Gemini new moon on the sixth before summer begins. 

Especially since summer love affairs are about to heat up when Mars enters Taurus on June 8. This sensual energy can bring plenty of pleasure, so this is an ideal time for romance. Let yourself fall in love, Capricorn. 

Especially as summer romance season officially begins when Venus enters Cancer on the seventeenth. This is a great time to take a relationship to the next level. Use Mercury entering Cancer later that day to make a passionate declaration of love. 

The longest day of the year is also your best date night when the sun enters Cancer on June 20. “Me” changes to “we,” and you’re ready for the relationship of your dreams. Step into the spotlight when the full moon is in your sign on the twenty-first. You’re finally getting the attention you’ve been craving in your personal life. If you’re single now, you won’t be single for long. Have fun!

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Some people are really smooth talkers, but when it comes to follow-through, they disappear like smoke. Beware of being suckered into any financial schemes today. You're smarter than all that!

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