Capricorn Monthly Dating Horoscope

Month of September 2023

When summer comes to an end, your dating life is about to go through a period of rebirth as Venus moves forward on September 3. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of summer, you’ll either start building bonds through intimacy or move on. When Jupiter goes retrograde the next day, remember that dating should be fun, so don’t worry about getting too serious right now.

In fact, get ready to explore the dating pool during the Virgo new moon on the fourteenth and when Mercury goes direct in Virgo the next day. You are on a quest for love as you learn everything you can about your dates. Understanding can go a long way, Capricorn.

Especially as you think about your relationship goals when the sun enters Libra on September 22. You want to be a part of a power couple, so think carefully about the people you’re spending your time with. Make sure they have similar ambitions to yours so you take on the world together.

End September with some much-needed self-care during Aries full moon on the twenty-ninth. This is a great night to stay in and focus on doing pleasurable things that you enjoy.

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