virgo Monthly Dating Horoscope for July 2021

Month of July 2021

Start the month right with a romantic date when the new moon is in Cancer on July 9. Your dating wishes finally come true when a friend you’ve been crushing on takes one of your many hints and makes it official. 

Incorporate social media into your love life to make some romantic connections via DM when Mercury enters Cancer on the eleventh.  

You’ll start feeling yourself, making you extra attractive, when Venus enters your sign on July 21. Use that energy to seduce whoever you desire. However, there’s trouble in paradise when the sun enters Leo the next day. End any romantic entanglements that aren’t adding to your life. 

Break your own dating rules during the Aquarius full moon on the twenty-third. Date someone completely outside your “type” or get naughty on a first date. Just don’t text your ex. That’s never allowed.

That is especially true when Mercury enters Leo on July 27, encouraging you to do some healing from old relationships that didn’t work out. Again, don’t call your exes or gossip about bad dates. It will come back to haunt you. 

Finally, your sex drive gets a major boost as Mars enters your sign on the twenty-ninth. Take some thirst traps and watch who notices.