gemini Monthly Love Horoscope for July 2021

Month of July 2021

You’re dying to have some meaningful discussions as your quick-thinking home planet Mercury spends time in your conversational sign at the beginning of the month. If the person you’re with or interested in can’t keep up with what you’re saying, you get bored super easily. Your restlessness might be a sign that something is truly off. Explore your options.

Mercury leaves your sign and pairs with emotional water sign Cancer on July 11, creating a more introverted mood. Communicating with your current partner is more of a struggle now, and you might clam up when they ask you what’s wrong. If you’re single and just getting to know someone new and you ghost them for a few days, don’t expect them to be all that understanding when you finally get back in touch.

The twenty-third brings a full moon in kindred air sign Aquarius inviting you to get kooky. This isn’t a time to hide who you really are, Gemini, especially if you just started talking to someone new. Letting them see the real you from the beginning saves you from trying to explain yourself later. If you’re in a committed relationship, surprise your partner with a weird talent of yours they might not know about.

As motherly Ceres enters your mentally flexible sign on July 31, you’re curious and extremely open to new ideas. Learning all you can about love now will help you succeed in future romantic scenarios.