Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of July 2024

If you’re ready to get some forward motion going or capitalize on the momentum you already have, this is your month! As your chatty leader Mercury enters bold Leo on July 2, your communication skills sizzle. Your expressive, bold, and captivating words and comments make you a great conversationalist and pro-level flirt.

On the third, a bold Mercury-Pluto opposition arrives, bringing intense debates, power struggles, and hidden truths to light. This isn’t the time to go off on an angry tangent or give someone the silent treatment. Not being mindful of your words can have extremely negative consequences in your love life now.

On July 20, assertive Mars floats into your versatile sign, giving you the right attitude to make the first move. When you take the initiative by asking out your crush or bringing up a tough topic with your SO, you show that you’re ready to tackle challenges head-on. And that’s sexy in its own way, Gemini.

Mental Mercury enters analytical earthy sign Virgo on the twenty-fifth, shifting thoughts over to your left brain. You’re more comfortable taking a detail-oriented and practical approach to love, especially how you communicate, and you’re a lot more organized than usual. It will be so nice to not be late for a date or to give bae your full attention when they’re telling you about their day!

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