gemini Monthly Love Horoscope for October 2021

Month of October 2021

Your quick-thinking leader Mercury trines optimistic Jupiter on October 3, leading to some helpful epiphanies about your love life. Even if it isn’t going as smoothly as you’d like at the moment, Gemini, you have some great ideas about making improvements in the future.

Tiny, caring asteroid Ceres goes retrograde while in your mentally alert sign on the ninth, so you should be able to think of a lot of different ways to make your partner or crush feel good. Knowing how to give genuine compliments is a great skill!

Wise teacher Saturn heads direct while in intellectual Aquarius on October 10, so you might be tempted to try to teach a current or potential partner all about something you feel you’re an expert at. Which is fine, but just don’t be condescending. That’s not sexy.

Tech-savvy Mercury finally comes out of its retrograde cycle while in airy Libra on the eighteenth, when you can breathe a sigh of relief and depend on communication being more reliable again. It’s a huge load off your mind knowing that your words won’t be misunderstood as much now.