Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of March 2024

When an impulsive, exciting Mercury-Uranus sextile hits on March 4, all of your plans become questionable, though not in a frustrating way. Spontaneous actions and surprising news add intensity and anticipation to your love life during this restless aspect.

On the eighth, a Mercury-Neptune conjunction in hopeful Pisces helps you become a starry-eyed optimist, but this can also cause you to be blindsided by reality when it finally hits. What’s worse, though, Gemini: never allowing yourself to fall in love or getting your heart broken? You decide.

On March 9, you have a dangerous “just try me” glint in your eye as chatty Mercury pairs up with fiery Aries and dares you to speak the truth no matter what. This brutally honest, tactless transit can help you clear the air, but it can also cause you to burn some bridges that won’t be easy to rebuild.

The sun enters daring Aries on the nineteenth, the same time we celebrate the spring equinox and the start of the astrological new year. This is your chance to start fresh with a current partner or follow the spark with someone new. The vibe is hopeful, but going too quickly too soon could douse the flames.

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