Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope for September 2022

Month of September 2022

Intense Mars is linked up with your versatile sign during its sextile to lucky Jupiter on September 1, adding fun and excitement to the start of your month. Your busy schedule can be hectic, but it isn’t necessarily overwhelming. Let a current partner or date help you if you need it.

On the second, your talkative planetary guide Mercury is in fellow air sign Libra when it opposes Jupiter in fiery Aries, which can lead to trivial arguments that escalate quickly. If things get out of control, try to circle back to what the original conversation was about.

Wise asteroid Pallas meets up with motherly Cancer on September 6, so the people in your life with the most feminine energy tend to be your best guides when it comes to matters of the heart now. If you’re single. you might be attracted to nurturing, compassionate older people.

Mercury goes retrograde while in indecisive Libra on the ninth, which can be nerve-wracking and frustrating when it comes to all aspects of love. If you feel like you’ve said the wrong thing to a partner or lover, check out their reaction. You’ll know immediately if you need to apologize.

An investigative Mercury-Pluto earth trine arrives on September 27, causing you to go looking for the answer to a love-related problem that has been eluding you lately. Don’t rule out nontraditional research sources. The info you seek could be hiding just about anywhere.

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