Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope for the Week of December 4, 2022

Week of December 4, 2022

This week brings an energetically powerful Grand Cross to the periphery of your consciousness. With Neptune, retrograde Mars, the sun, and the full moon causing havoc in your life, love may be the last thing on your mind. To be honest, you’d rather cuddle up in a comfy blanket and watch old movies instead of dealing with relationship drama.

No matter where you turn, you may feel like people are working against you. The only way to cope with this vibe is to focus solely on yourself and practice self-care. The truth is that your energy is soaking up the sentiments of the collective, which is adding to your stress.

If you feel like going out with friends or on a date, consider doing some protective work before you do. Also, try to surround yourself with people who won’t knock you down when you’re feeling blue and will be supportive of your every move.

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