Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of July 14, 2024

This week brings new beginnings for you, with Mars having a positive aspect on your sun. Your inner power will rise, and you may feel like making bold declarations. Be sure to include your partner in your plan if it feels right. 

However, if the time on your coupling has run its course, honor the experience and create new expansion for yourself. If you're only reconsidering some goals in your relationship's commitment, consider what you can learn or who you can learn from to better facilitate these changes. It could seem ridiculous now, but it will yield results with your consistency. If you're unsure how to stay on your P's and Q's, ask your partner to be your accountability buddy. 

This energy can also spark committing to new ideas surrounding travel and may bring you and your lover spiritual awakenings. Booking a synastry reading with a trusted astrologer or a Tarot reading on love can enlighten you on relationship patterns. It can also help you make plans for you and the future of your romance. Jump into the spirit and see where you land.

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