Aries Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of September 2023

It’s September, Aries, which means a new season, new look, and new attitude! As beautiful Venus goes direct in confident Leo on September 3, you’re ready to call attention to yourself in the best possible way. Turning heads is only the start of the amazing things to come!

On the thirteenth, asteroid Pallas leaves practical thinker Virgo for the easygoing airiness of Libra, sending you searching for balance and peace in your love life. Here’s the thing, though: this energy can be extremely indecisive. If you spend too much time weighing the minute pros and cons of a romantic opportunity, you could miss it altogether.

On September 22, the sun also starts absorbing the aesthetic of beauty-loving Libra, so you are low-key obsessed with looks. Not just in a current or potential partner, but in every aspect of your life. Yes, there are less superficial things you could (should?) be focused on, but you can’t help but be attracted to all the shiny things now.

A full moon shows up in your fiery first house on the twenty-ninth, empowering you to take control of your romantic fate. If you aren’t where you want to be, what’s stopping you? Let your competitive spirit drive you toward your destiny.

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