The Sky this Month, December 2023

If you hadn’t realized time is accelerating, it’s now December! As expected, 2023 has been a year of massive shifts, a trend that will continue in 2024. Luckily, instead of rushing to the finish line, we will be inspired to slow down and embrace reflection, allowing us to catch our breath. 

December kicks off with the sun shining in Sagittarius, a future-oriented sign whose influence has us asking all sorts of philosophical questions. What have we learned from the materialistic decadence of the past that can help us create a more functional and inclusive future for all? With Pluto returning to 29 degrees of Capricorn (December 19) and shifting to Aquarius almost for good on January 20, deeply meaningful themes are on our minds.

Astrologer Julia Mihas agrees, “Because this is the last big gasp of retrograde season, which officially ends in January 2024, December is a final opportunity for everyone to go back and tidy up our projects and activities of 2023. While retrogrades can be messy, they do help us to critically review aspects of our lives that may be weak or unfinished. You’ve got to go back so you can move forward!”

Mercury Goes Retrograde What Julia is referring to is the retrograde of Mercury, the last and fourth of 2023. Spanning from December 12 to January 1, this retrograde is sure to pack a punch for two reasons. “December will be dominated by Mercury going retrograde in Capricorn and then Sagittarius....

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