The Sky this Month, July 2024

Summer is in full effect, and the lively astrology of this season only gets more authentic with time. Support is the name of the game in July and as Cancer season progresses, so does the time to nurture ourselves and those we care about most. That’s especially the case with Neptune, the planet of the unseen (think, mysticism, deception, and spirituality), entering its retrograde period for the next five months. This energy pushes us out of our self-imposed delusions, creating a new perspective for us to navigate treacherous and somewhat confusing waters. 

Because of this introspective energy a la Neptune retrograde, the dichotomy of the self and others takes center stage this month. In other words, we’re pushed to reflect on our inner world:  our personal goals, authenticity, and legacy, while also being extra intentional with our relationships with others and the energy we fuel into sustaining healthy and productive connections in the long term. The collective is on a journey of rediscovering what it means to show up authentically for ourselves based on how we fit in the world—so while you’re working on becoming more aligned with yourself, it’s important to take into account the gifts you have to offer others and the world. What legacy are you working to leave behind in the world?

Neptune retrograde in Pisces is Shattering Illusions Neptune, the planet of daydreams, spirituality, and illusions, begins its nearly five-month-long...

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