Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of September 2023

When the optimistic sun and your smart leader Mercury (retrograde) meet up in your sign on September 6, your mind starts working overtime. This solid conjunction creates the resourceful energy you need to analyze what’s really going on in your love life. Figuring out what’s truly important is the first step toward making necessary improvements.

On the fourteenth, a new moon materializes in your first house, helping you become more effective and efficient. The details have never been as important as they are now, Virgo. Paying close attention to a partner or crush when they reveal seemingly trivial things to you is a skill that will pay off in the future.

A lot of the communication issues you’ve been having lately should start to get better when Mercury goes direct while still in your matter-of-fact sign on September 15, so you might want to wait until then to bring up touchy topics or controversial subjects with a partner or date. You might also locate missing texts and DMs now that you could have sworn never arrived.

When the sun leaves the comfort of your sign for airy Libra on the twenty-second, keep an open mind. Love will be about compromise and keeping the peace for the next month. Making waves only leads to getting in way over your head.

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