Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of March 2024

The new moon on March 10 brings a desire to look deep within yourself for reevaluation. You can think of this time as a mirror, showing you what to concentrate on and how to improve your work moving forward. The fact that it’s happening in your sign makes it a much more positive experience, and you’re feeling optimistic and productive.

Later, on the twenty-fifth, the lunar eclipse will likely have you craving more attention than usual and possibly even causing boundaries to be a little less clear.

You’re very likely to feel out of touch with how to increase your level of income at this time as well. If you are currently working on a new budget or debt resolution, put a pin in it for today, because you are not likely to get far with this transit creating complications for you in this aspect of your life right now. Be cautious not to ease frustration with habits of overindulgence, because that will likely be the knee-jerk reaction to soothe your current annoyances.

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