Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope

Month of September 2023

Your expansive lead planet Jupiter has been paired with security-focused Taurus for a while, and it’s giving off unstable vibes as it moves into a retrograde position on September 4. One minute you’re ready to move forward and the next you feel something holding you back. The next couple months aren’t the time to make major love decisions, Sag.

On the eighth, a more positive sun-Jupiter earth trine puts you in an optimistic mood and sheds light on a positive romantic future. Sure, a lot of things can still go wrong, but why dwell on them? Sometimes putting on a happy face and looking on the bright side can really push the dark clouds away.

When lighthearted, beauty-loving Libra starts influencing the confident sun on September 22, your friend zone lights up with possibilities. You might know someone on a platonic level who has potential romantic energy, or you and a current partner might be headed into a phase when you can deepen your friendship. Building a solid foundation is so important when it comes to love.

The Universe produces an amazing Mercury-Jupiter trine on the twenty-fifth that can help you make major improvements to your love life if you’re willing to be innovative and experimental. What are some things you’ve never tried with a lover or ways you’ve never asked anyone out? Thinking creatively is your ticket to success.

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September 28, 2023

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Year of 2023

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