sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope for the Week of March 7, 2021

Week of March 7, 2021 This Week

There’s a lot of empathy and intellectually stimulating energy surrounding your love life this week. On March 10, the moon in your chatty third house will form a trine with The North Node of Destiny in your seventh house of partnerships, which could indicate a conversation with your lover that was always destined to happen. As the moon later meets with Saturn, difficult topics may come up, but you’ll be able to address them with the maturity you need.

You might even feel like building a home with your lover on March 13. As Venus and Neptune join in your fourth house of the home, it will tear down your walls and radiate kindness throughout your love life. This is not the time to play games or treat each other with sarcasm. Instead, dive headfirst into a compassionate connection. However, make sure you’re not rushing things or getting too emotionally involved before you’re really ready.

On March 13, the new moon will radiate through your fourth house of family. Discussions centered on moving in together or introducing each other to each other’s parents might come up as you start thinking more seriously about your future together. If you see yourself building a family with your lover, this new moon will be significant.