Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope for the Week of November 27, 2022

Week of November 27, 2022

Dear Sagittarius, this is such an interesting week for your loving sign. You are a bundle of joy, for sure. However, are you loving for the sake of loving? Or are you being a little pickier than usual? It is important to make that discernment now so you do not hurt someone. There is a bit of a quality of leading someone on at certain points this year. This is because you are undergoing some very big changes that shift the makeup of your overall life and maturity.

The thing to note here is those you are attracting this week, particularly on November 29 and December 1, might seem more boring to you than you would normally go for. You might even find yourself considering marriage or seeing yourself with someone for a long period of time. Single Sagittarius will also feel the urge to be coupled.

This becomes part of your regular conversation when Neptune turns direct on December 3 in Pisces. Although the week stirs up confusion in the romance department, try not to lose yourself in the motions and drama. Give yourself some extra tender love and care to get through the chaotic vibes.

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