virgo Monthly Love Horoscope for May 2021

Month of May 2021

Your communicative leader Mercury is in conservative Taurus to begin the month, which is a comfortable place for you to be. You definitely don’t feel the need to call attention to yourself now by blurting out anything inappropriate in front of your partner or crush. Some say you’re too predictable, but, honestly, you take that as a compliment.

A Mercury-Pluto trine with both planets in steady earth signs arrives on May 2, giving you a chance to talk through romantic difficulties with little to no stress or awkwardness, Chances are good that you’ve done enough soul searching to know where you stand on a range of topics your current or potential partner might bring up now.

The twelfth brings a Mercury-Saturn trine that can help you form meaningful bonds with people, and a romance could start up between you and someone you work with or for. There’s a strong sense of teamwork in this aspect, and the more you work toward a goal with someone, the closer you become emotionally. Unless you’re committed to someone else, don’t fight it.

Mercury goes retrograde while in flaky Gemini on May 29, giving you a very uneasy feeling. A lot of things will happen in the next couple weeks that aren’t technically your fault, but you could get blamed for them anyway. All you can do is explain that you’re trying your best.