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When your chatty ruler Mercury forms a square with a Mars-Saturn conjunction during the first week of April, it throws your typically dependable flirting style way off track. Avoid biting remarks and sarcastic comebacks as much as possible, because coming off as angry isn’t exactly the expression of love you want to put out there.

You’re relieved (along with everyone else) when Mercury ends its retrograde cycle on the fifteenth, and you’re especially happy to have your eloquence back at peak performance levels. If love were a job, flirting and talking would be your bread and butter, and you don’t like being thrown off your game for any reason.

Graceful Venus moves into your sign on April 24, giving you even more reason to celebrate. You’re playful and fun, but you keep dates and lovers on their toes. You need mental stimulation to be happy in a relationship, and without it your restlessness takes over. You love the light, airy energy of this transit for the next few weeks. Your perfect date is doing something fun and then spending the rest of your time together talking about it at length.

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Ah, Pluto. The tiny brute stationed retrograde over the weekend, and is now asking you to do some deep work. Let us help you get through it with these horoscopes written for both your sun and rising signs.

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