Monthly RomanticScope

It isn’t enough to be the quickest wit on the block. You’ve also got to be the most loving, don’t you? This month is all about compromise for you, as two aspects on November 2 and 3 show that your direct communication style doesn’t always work for everyone. If you’re newly dating, you don’t have to censor yourself. But finding a way that works for both of you is a better path forward. Your creative urges are also coming to the fore, so you might want to meet new dating possibilities at a museum or cinema in town. What you share you can then talk about for hours. Those in relationships find that the full moon of November 4 is perfect for staying in, catching up with each other’s lives, and just doing nothing. It’s wonderful being able to connect in a way that serves you both. There is so much affection in the air around November 13 that you might have to carve out some additional time for each other, because you’re ready to take a new relationship step together. November 16 is perfect for sharing your hopes and dreams. It may seem silly to you, but your partner really wants to know what makes you tick.

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