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Gemini natives love with all their heart, and this month is no different. On February 2, you have a chance to expand your communication with someone close to you. Do you have questions about what’s on his or her mind? Ask away!

On the third, communication gets a little dicey, and you could get the wrong idea about someone. Try not to read too much into the situation until this tense aspect has passed. Things get better by the next day.

Single Geminis have the sixth to look forward to since they can feel free to let their freak flags fly. Don’t hide your true nature just to fit in. How boring!

Those already committed to someone have February 15, which supports long-term planning and new steps you’re taking together. Moving in together or considering a walk down the aisle? This is the perfect time for it. Even the partial solar eclipse on that day asks that you let your love shine out.

It’s time to relax and have a wonderful date night on the twenty-first, when a gorgeously loving aspect lights up the night sky.

Things could get a little challenging on February 25, so leave out the hot and heavy stuff until February 27, when you’re both in the mood again.

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