June 2018: You’re driven to get what you want during the strong Mercury-Mars trine on June 1, and because you’re blessed with a golden tongue, you can be very convincing. You aren’t above calling in favors to impress your partner or date, and you expect to be thanked or at least acknowledged for going above and beyond.

Mercury enters Cancer’s sensitive realm on the twelfth, so your romantic encounters become linked to emotion. As an air sign, you like to remain somewhat aloof, but this influence urges you to show your sensitive side (and yes, you do have one). Pretty flower arrangements, candlelight, and soft music set the mood for whatever comes next.

Your fantasies are vivid during the Mercury-Neptune trine on June 20, but should you just enjoy them as they play through your mind or try to make them a reality? A lot of things are better on paper, Gemini, but it’s hard to pass up opportunities when they present themselves.

The Mercury-Uranus square on the thirtieth changes the status quo, and while your restless spirit usually deals well with upheaval, this energy makes you uneasy. There’s something about this changeup that you’re unsure about, so don’t ignore your intuition. That unsettled feeling is there for a reason.

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