Month of Aug 2020: The Aquarius full moon on August 3 highlights your eccentricities and invites you to find other “strangers” to have some fun with. You need to be able to express your true self around a current or potential love now, so if anyone tries to limit you, you’ll know they’re not the one for you.

Chatty Mercury pairs up with friendly Leo on the fourth, so getting to know someone new won’t be difficult. You have a lot of corny one-liners you could use now and actually get some good results. Leo has a fun sense of humor and encourages love to be playful and not too serious.

Your home planet Mars is traveling comfortably in your sign on the fourth as well. As it squares lucky Jupiter in ambitious Capricorn, you tend to want to look at the positive side of romance. The problem is that things won’t always go your way now, ending in letdowns and disappointments. Luckily, you don’t give up that easily.

Passions don’t run quite as high when the sun leaves fiery Leo for practical Virgo on August 22, so plan on taking things down a notch or two through the end of the month. You can still be your exciting, spontaneous self, but be willing to show another, more responsible side of yourself as well.

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