September 2018: Romance isn’t a high priority as Mercury heads into earthy, practical Virgo on September 5. You don’t get all mushy with sentiment during this transit, but you are great at practical matters like running errands for your partner and arriving on time (which to you right now means early) for dates.

Your ruler Mars is finally out of its retrograde cycle, but when it meets up with Aquarius on the tenth, it doesn’t exactly produce the aggressive energy you’re used to. Experimentation now can be fun, but you’ll need to adjust your thinking from “full speed ahead” to “let’s see what happens.”

You aren’t into relationships that are restrictive during the Mars-Uranus retrograde square on September 18, and you may recall examples from the past when a partner tried to keep you from being who you wanted to be or doing what you wanted to do. Make the necessary adjustment now so you don’t experience that kind of repression again, Aries.

You’re very confident during the sun-Mars trine on the twenty-seventh, so it’s a perfect time to start a new relationship or take a current one to the next level. No one said love was easy, but it’s 100 percent worth the effort.

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