Month of Dec 2020: Very few things are left unsaid after communications master Mercury moves into outgoing Sagittarius on December 1. For the next three weeks you’re very verbally daring, and your words will make a lasting impression. Your partner or someone you want to get to know better will be thinking of you long after you’ve stopped talking!

The sun is also in Sagittarius as it trines your home planet Mars in your aggressive sign on the tenth, which projects some seriously confident and active energy. This isn’t the time to sit back and watch the world go by, Aries. Figure out what you want so you can go after it. You play to win now. Second place is not good enough.

Love goddess Venus partners with fiery Sagittarius on December 15, daring you to make some extremely adventurous, spontaneous gestures. What do you have to lose? You’re full-on confident, and rejection barely slows you down. If you don’t get a yes the first time, try again. Or try with someone else.

The sun leaves Sagittarius for more settled, serious Capricorn on the twenty-first, at which point you live less in the moment and focus more on the future. If you aren’t where you’d like to be, it’s never too late to get there. Set some goals. Figure out a six-month plan to get what you want.

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