May 2018: Mercury, your fast-paced power planet, squares transformational Pluto (retrograde) on May 7, leaving you to struggle to truly connect with those you love (or want to get to know better). It’s frustrating when the potential is there but you can’t do what it takes to make it happen, especially when you’re used to being able to use your words to persuade and seduce. Stay away from destructive thoughts that include the words “I never” or “they always.”

You get your turn to shine when the sun rotates into your witty sign on the twentieth, and you crave social interaction and knowledge. Your perfect match for the next month is someone who’s willing to indulge your whims but give you the freedom to move at your own pace independent of the relationship. This is a big ask, Gemini, but you prove to be a generous partner to the person who has what it takes to be “the one.”

Mercury and Pluto partner up again to form a trine on May 25, and it produces much better energy than their meetup earlier in the month. Karmic relationships are formed and deepened during this transit, so don’t be surprised when you get that “meant to be” feeling around your current partner or someone new.

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