Monthly RomanticScope

This month begins with a bang when a creative aspect on January 3 brings out your best. Single Geminis are chatting up a storm and getting to know dates better by the next day. If any buttons get pushed from old relationships, just remember you can always choose to release anything that no longer feels good.

On the sixth, two aspects may have you craving something new. This is especially true if you’re already partnered up, so think of something new to do together even if it challenges you a little. You’re never more yourself than when you’re a little off balance – and that’s OK!

By January 8, things are heating up in your romantic life, so if you’ve been facing a drought, it’s time to get out there again and take advantage of all the sexy energy flying around.

The ninth and tenth bring even more hot and heavy times. You’re at your peak attractiveness now, so don’t waste it at home.

You’re thinking about the future on January 13. People in partnerships may want to think about a new step they’re ready to take, from moving in together to starting a family.

The lunar eclipse on the last day of the month boosts your signal and gets you noticed.

Grounding Elements - Song of the Moment


Today's aspect creates the perfect atmosphere to access your most spiritual self through artistic expression. Christine Aprile explains.

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