Month of Jan 2019: You can use the infusion of new ideas you get from the Mercury-Uranus trine on January 4 to improve your dating life. Are you avoiding approaching a crush because you aren’t sure what to say? The words come easily now.

You might see things from a negative perspective during the Mercury-Saturn conjunction in practical Capricorn on the thirteenth, but there’s nothing wrong with being realistic. If a relationship isn’t going to work out, don’t you want to know now rather than later?

A Mercury-Pluto conjunction (also in sensible Capricorn) on the eighteenth reveals some very deep feelings and helps you express them very matter-of-factly. It would probably help to stay somewhat detached from a certain romantic situation, but that’s hard to do right now.

Mercury pairs up with unconventional Uranus on January 23, so you go out of your way to communicate your thoughts and feelings differently than most. Your unique approach won’t always work, but at least it will be memorable.

You’re close to the finish line during the sun-Mercury conjunction in Pisces on the twenty-ninth, but too many choices can lead to indecision. Are there really that many attractive options? There’s more to life than finishing first.

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