July 2018: Can you feel the positive energy radiating from the trine between the sun and Jupiter retrograde on July 5? This is a lucky time in your love life, and taking advantage of fateful circumstances and chance encounters will bring great rewards. If you think running into an ex is just a coincidence, think again.

A stressful square between chatty Mercury and pensive Jupiter retrograde on the ninth causes you to become overly optimistic about a romantic situation, which could result in severe disappointment. You tend to get a little too anxious and excited about completely unproven theories and ideas during this transit, Sag, and the resulting letdowns are tough to take.

Adventures can take your mind off your troubles as the moon slips through your sign on July 22 and July 23, creating an exciting atmosphere for you to go on actual trips or emotional journeys. The important thing is to get away in whatever way possible so that you can come back down to earth refreshed and ready for a new set of challenges.

A full moon and lunar eclipse in airy Aquarius on the twenty-seventh brings newness, eccentricity, and innovation. Incorporate these concepts into your daily life for optimal results.

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