Sag natives like you are always trying to balance their need for a partner with their desire for freedom. This month begins with an aspect on March 4 that allows you to speak up for what you need without offending your special someone.

If you’re newly dating, no need to panic. You may be tempted to go deeper on the seventh. Things are heating up for you two, and you can’t seem to stop thinking about him or her. Would it be so terrible if you fell in love?

Your ruler Jupiter goes retrograde on March 8, which may take some getting used to. Rather than letting it take the wind out of your sails, set new goals in love and romance and go after them!

For those already with their love, watch out for the eleventh, when you could feel a little stressed out. Leave it at work, if you can, so you don’t bring it home to your honey.

On March 22, chatty Mercury goes retrograde for a few weeks and aligns with a harmonious aspect. This convinces even the least romantic Sags that they truly enjoy all the trappings of love. Splurge on an expensive dinner or take a trip together.

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