Month of Jan 2019: The energy is positive when Venus leaves serious Scorpio and visits your lighthearted sign starting on January 7. You feel like the world is full of potential friends, not strangers, and you can’t wait to get to know them. Your love life benefits from your outgoing, friendly nature.

Philosophical questions creep in during the Jupiter-Neptune square on the thirteenth, and it might be hard to figure out where the line is between truth and fiction. Do you feel like you’re a character in a romance novel? Lucky you!

Talkative Mercury enters eccentric Aquarius on January 23, so communication could get weird. Try to avoid late-night texts and risqué DMs. If your words get twisted or seen by the wrong eyes, you might not be able to explain them away.

You don’t really vibe with the moon’s introspective Scorpio energy on the twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth, but you could honestly use some time to figure things out. If you’ve been on the go lately, use this meditative downtime to slow down and digest what’s been happening.

The moon moves to your outgoing sign on January 29, making it easier to chat up new people or be more open with a current partner. With this much charm and charisma, you’re the total package!

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