May 2018: Your ruling planet, fast-paced Mercury, forms a conjunction with eccentric Uranus on May 13, which throws your communication sector into a bit of a tizzy and makes it hard for you to focus on anything normal or routine. Unexpected thoughts drift into your mind from time to time, leading you to wonder if your love life should be headed in a new direction. Keep a very open mind as you explore new options.

A trine between Mercury and retrograde Saturn on the eighteenth gives you incredible attention to detail, which can be both a blessing and a curse. You make sure all your texts and DMs are typo-free, so why can’t the person you’re communicating with take the time to do the same? Your critical nature can be like throwing cold water on a developing hot relationship. Your love life would benefit from you looking at the big picture instead of dissecting every tiny technicality.

Mercury moves from stable fellow earth sign Taurus to airy, easygoing Gemini on May 29, but you might not appreciate the casualness that this shift has to offer. You have a chance to have some no-strings-attached fun if you can loosen up a bit, but this is a big ask for a rigid sign like you.

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