Month of Jan 2019: Your home planet Mercury moves quickly and forms a trine to innovative Uranus right away on January 4. If there’s anything new you want to try, do it now (while you still have the nerve)!

An easygoing Mercury-Neptune sextile on the fourteenth gives off comfortable energy and makes it easy for you to ask someone out or approach your partner with a question or suggestion. Your imagination helps you see the possibilities, and your pessimism is quieted.

The sun-Uranus square on January 18 could cause unwanted romantic tension, especially in new or awkward situations. You don’t always have to know the right things to say or the right things to do, Virgo. Go easy on yourself.

There’s a fateful Venus-Jupiter conjunction on the twenty-second that’s loaded with karmic energy, so you can expect fate and/or destiny to add something special to your love life. Remember that good deed you did? It’s time for the universe to pay you back.

There’s a Saturn-Neptune sextile on January 31 that could help improve your love life, or you could use the positive energy to help a friend or relative make their own love life better. You have a lot of motivational power now, Virgo, so don’t let it go to waste.

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