Monthly RomanticScope

Gemini natives are some of the most happy-go-lucky when it comes to love. This month, you need to share some of that wonderful vibe.

On March 4, an aspect opens up your communication in a big way. If you’re single and dating online, try a new, flirtier approach. You may find your matches going through the roof.

On the seventh, communication gets even hotter, and you can’t wait to meet someone you’ve got your eye on.

For married and partnered Twins, March 8 encourages you to look back at how far your relationship has come. Lovely Jupiter will be retrograde for a few months to give you an opportunity to take in how much your life has shifted for the better.

On the eleventh, you may be feeling a little behind the curve and want to speed things up, but this is only temporary. You’re exactly where you need to be right now.

As you build more trust and passion together, look to March 22 as a time to reconnect. Even though communication planet Mercury is flipping retrograde that day, you can make it fun.

Though issues may arise on the twenty-third, by the twenty-sixth, you’re all over each other again and looking for fun adventures to get into.

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