Month of Oct 2020: Your ruler Mercury is in determined Scorpio during its opposition with eccentric Uranus in sturdy Taurus on October 7, causing some anxiety as you hear news that you weren’t expecting. Whether this surprise announcement directly involves you or not, it could really shake you up. If taking a logical perspective isn’t possible, try to remind yourself that time heals all wounds. There will be a day you look back on this and wonder what you were so upset about.

Mercury goes retrograde while still in Scorpio on the thirteenth, causing all kinds of communication-related havoc in your love life. You can spend a ton of time explaining that you didn’t mean what you said, but it might not have the desired effect. It might be best to just give the other person some space.

The sun enters mysterious Scorpio on October 22, and your sense of curiosity will hit record levels. If you’re currently with someone, you’ll want to know their every move. If you’re single, you can’t stop yourself from digging up info on your crush. No detail is too small!

Loving Venus enters balanced Libra on the twenty-seventh, which should help you smooth out any petty little arguments you’ve been having with a current partner or potential lover. Your willingness to compromise now is one of your better qualities.

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