July 2018: You start the month rather aggressively during a Mercury-Mars opposition on July 5. You want your thoughts and opinions heard, and getting in the last word is a top priority. This behavior won’t make a good first impression on a date or win you any points with a current partner, but backing down isn’t in your nature right now.

Distractions abound during the square between Mercury and Jupiter retrograde on the ninth. When you don’t concentrate on what you’re saying or typing, misunderstandings are the direct result. Once you verbalize something, it’s out there whether you meant it or not.

The moon also spends time in your sign on July 9 and July 10, making it possible for you to maximize your thoughts and ideas. While you still might not be the best communicator, try recording what’s on your mind for future use instead of letting all that brain power go to waste.

A full moon and lunar eclipse in free-spirited Aquarius ends the month on the twenty-seventh, putting a casual spin on your love life. A kindred air sign, Aquarius isn’t looking for anything long term, so you feel comfortable hanging out with new people or a current partner without worrying about the future.

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