Monthly RomanticScope

You’re excited about love and romance this month, Sagittarius, and February 2 brings an aspect perfect for chatting it up and getting to know each other better.

If you’re single and looking online for someone, switch up your messages now. Try to be a little flirtier and sillier, in keeping with your funny personality.

Though communication gets a little harder on the third, and the energy isn’t great for dates on the fourth, an aspect on the sixth gets you back into the groove. You may find that trying something new on your dates gets you talking a lot more than the standard dinner and movie.

If you’re already with someone and want to make it more serious, look to February 15. On that date, a harmonious aspect aligns with a partial solar eclipse to broaden your horizons. It’s been too long since you just packed up a suitcase and took off together, so get your road trip on and throw away the map. You have way more fun when you just let the destination find you.

On the twenty-first, a sweet and loving aspect may mean a symbolic gesture from your special someone. From exchanging rings to flowers, candy, and more, you’re showing your feelings in a big way.

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