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Month of Nov 2019: Romantic Venus enters your own casual sign on November 1, so the month starts with an optimistic, easygoing energy. You aren’t a big planner now, so you let whatever’s going to happen, happen naturally. The best are spontaneous moments spent laughing with a lover or holding hands with your partner.

The fortunate Mars-Jupiter sextile on the twelfth helps you feel like you can do almost anything, and when it comes to love, you feel extremely lucky. Archers looking for a soul mate might find what they seek through love at first sight now.

You spend a month with the sun in your energetic sign starting on November 22, which puts you in a good mood and makes you very receptive to love. Traveling is something you like to do now, so you can expect to meet someone you click with on a trip. Even if you aren’t far from home, the possibilities of finding (or strengthening) love on the road are good.

The moon is new in your knowledge-seeking sign on the twenty-sixth, so you should be able to take advantage of new romantic opportunities that cross your path. You aren’t afraid of potential consequences because you’re feeling very optimistic.

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