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September 2017
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Love is often an unintended part of life for Sagittarius. It isn’t that you don’t want it. It just has to fit into your busy schedule. This month, as an aspect on September 2 makes a sudden and seismic change to your life, love is on your mind a lot more. Single Sagittarius natives may benefit from an aspect on September 3 that moves things forward at your preferred (faster) pace. Sometimes you don’t have time for things to develop and may grow impatient. However, on the 6, an emotional Full Moon could give rise to new realizations that you have strong feelings for someone around you now. Try to make your feelings known in a way that doesn’t leave you completely exposed. On the 9, married and partnered couples are advised to have some much-needed fun. Too many responsibilities have been creeping into your reality together. It’s time to blow off some steam and reconnect, making your bond your ultimate priority. Aspects on September 12 and 15 support making long-term plans together. Even if you’re newly dating, it’s time to think about where you might go as a couple. Balancing that with the New Moon of the 20 means growing feelings and, more importantly, seeing progress before long.

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