August 2018: When the sun squares your ruler Jupiter on August 6, it’s both good and bad. While you’ll probably get the distinct feeling that the world is yours (good luck is definitely involved here), having too much confidence is damaging, especially when it comes to romance. Strive hard to find the balance that will ensure your happiness.

A Venus-Saturn retrograde square on the ninth adds some tension to an already stressed relationship. If you’re single, this might not be the best time to try to reconnect with someone from the past. Circumstances must be just right for romance to come together midmonth, and there are too many things working against you now.

A much more workable trine between lucky Jupiter and calm Neptune retrograde on August 19 puts you in the mood to be of service, but does a love-charity combination really work? Try not to get your feelings of true love and compassion crossed. Just because you’re helping someone or they’re helping you doesn’t mean that romance should follow.

Mercury (direct on the eighteenth) forms a square to Jupiter on August 28, propelling something (good news perhaps) forward. This is an excellent time to take things to the next level.

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