Monthly RomanticScope: virgo

September 2017
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Virgos may be some of the most fun people in love, which might surprise some. Your natural tendency to test the waters, especially with new partners, keeps everyone on their toes. On September 2, keep the healthy questioning alive in order to see if a new dating partner is serious enough for you. You don’t like to waste time on people who can’t give you what you want. On September 6, a Full Moon lets you explore your deeper emotional nature, while single Virgos find success being seen and heard on the 9. Schedule a first date around this time and watch the sparks fly. Those already in partnerships are seeking more commitment now. Even if you’ve been together for a while, you need to know that your partner’s really there for you. Aspects on September 12, 13, and 15 let you find this groove together in a way that serves you both. On September 19, try not to let a silly fight derail your progress. You’ve been having too much fun for that. Let the healing vibrations of the New Moon on September 20 soothe any fears. Steal away for a romantic evening together on September 24 when you could surprise each other with your renewed level of affection.

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