Monthly SexScope

Generally conservative, sex for you is traditional, but something naughty is brewing within your salacious soul this month. It’s rare for fantasies to override your need for productivity on the job, but February could be one of those months when you willingly humor yourself only.

On February 3, it will be hard to resist the energies that vamp Venus and oversexed Jupiter openly emit as they share intimate moments.

It could be on the fifteenth, when a solar eclipse illuminating the day after Valentine’s Day finds you beginning a romantic journey that literally sweeps you off your feet. The mood is hasty, as in “let’s get this affair moving,” but you may secretly question the feelings that engulf you. As our giant star makes its wayward journey, you could find yourself repeating these strong and sexy impulses over and over.

With the sun moving into romantic and unconditionally loving Pisces on February 18, you could drop a sassy but deadly serious comment on this new and unsuspecting candidate for sex partner, and the sparks could fly. Your words have weight, and they expose the brasher side of your nature. You want the world to know your feelings, and they run deep, but it would be best to express those feelings physically rather than in even more chatter.

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