It’s about stamina this month, and you have the stamina to go as many rounds as necessary. On April 17, your ruler Saturn moves into retrograde motion and figuratively takes a nap. You should literally take a nap, but first spend some time deciding with whom you would like to nap.

Saturn and Pluto are both in your sign, and if you want to expand your sense of romantic play and generally invest in romance with the same verve you usually do, “slow and easy” should be your mantra. For you who feels so deeply, it might seem like thunder in the background - or is that just your heart beating as you abide by the mantra? With your ruler Saturn in retrograde motion, at times you could feel as though life has slowed to a snail’s pace.

On the twenty-second, that sly troublemaker Pluto turns retrograde to add a bit of snarky chatter here and there.

You usually have a safety net around your feelings, but a full moon in Scorpio on April 29 might just shut the door on caution, and you could take a leap of faith. It’s really all about loosening up on the control issues and letting the intense flame you feel keep burning.

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