Month of Dec 2018: This month, a relationship is smoldering between you and someone you think is the real thing. Capricorns are serious lovers, and they want depth in a partner as well as sizzling sex between the sheets.

The December 6 new moon brings out all the feelings you usually try to suppress as it shines on your house of what’s hidden. You might want to stay away from an event that would put the two you in the spotlight because you want to spend private time together and get a sense of the future of your involvement. Now more than ever, you couldn’t be more in tune with the emotional ups and downs of your lover, and you feel compelled to do whatever is requested of you.

With a quarter moon in the sensual sign of Pisces on the fifteenth, the two of you engage in what so far you’ve only imagined.

The full moon in your seventh house of commitment on December 22 could have you putting as many hours into your romantic life as you do at the office, and yet you’re still able to stumble onto new and different ways to spice up the loving. You both win this month.

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