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Month of Mar 2019: Spring has sprung, Capricorn! It’s been a cold winter, but the snow is melting and you’re on the prowl. While Venus may have left your sign in favor of Aquarius on the first of the month, you’ll find that your love life hasn’t slowed down at all. In fact, you are more flirtatious than ever! This month promises to fulfill all your fantasies and create some deep emotional bonds.

While some view Mercury in retrograde as a roadblock, for you it will be more like a wingman. From March 5 to March 28, you’ll be oozing with subtle charm, and your listening skills will earn you major points with your lover. Mercury’s retrograde in slow-moving Pisces grants you the time and skill to get your message across and receive love in return. Just don’t go overboard. You love to feel connected and desired, but you value your independence even more.

Stay in during the spring equinox. The full moon in Libra could cause you way more stress than you can handle. Stay in bed, watch a movie, and text your lover the next day. All in all, March will be a very sexy month. Enjoy it!

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