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Month of Jun 2019: Decisions, decisions. That’s what’s going to rule your life this month thanks to Mars in Cancer. If you’re trying to decide between two love interests or if you should continue a certain relationship, you’d better do something soon or you’ll end up completely alone. It doesn’t help matters that the sun is still in Gemini until June 21 and making you moodier than normal. Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom. Mercury entering Cancer on the fourth will make you more open to new passions.

Venus enters Gemini on June 8, opening you up for new romantic opportunities. You aren’t a fan of surprises, and these could shake you up quite a bit. However, if you manage to look on the bright side and stay optimistic, you could find yourself a marvelous summer fling. If you don’t, it’s going to be a lot of cold nights for you!

The sun entering Cancer on the twenty-first brings some wonderful, unpredictable conversations that push your boundaries in the best possible way. All this excitement could be overstimulating, but if you allow yourself to relax a little, you could enjoy a lot of sexy fun in the sun!

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