Month of Jan 2019: With a solar eclipse in your own sign of Capricorn on January 5, the cosmos is rife with temptation. Your ruler Saturn likes to be committed and is tagging along in the hopes that this will be a long ride, while you are emotionally torn about how to proceed.

On the sixth, rebel Uranus is whispering in your ear that this is a teaching moment for you, and probably the best sex you’ve had in some time. With Jupiter in your twelfth house, where he stands in for your guardian angel, you feel the safety. There is no romantic tension or ultimatum, rather just the bliss of an old-fashioned, sex-driven romance. Releasing a tad of power to your partner could work in your favor.

When the supermoon lunar eclipse shines its bright light your way on January 20, the two of you could be unanimous in wanting to reside in the state of happily ever after.

On the twenty-second, there could be even more proof as a Venus-Jupiter conjunction in that same twelfth house advises you to keep this relationship secret for now. It’s too delicious to share with the outside world, and you are never in the mood for competition.

On January 27, a quarter moon in Scorpio is a warning call, and that means doors locked, drapes drawn, and cell phones off.

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