July 2018: The quarter moon in impulsive Aries on July 6 enhances your own “always in the mood for love” temperament, and you’ll initiate action, but only in your usual cautious way.

The solar eclipse in your seventh house of “forever after” on the twelfth is the doorway to what it is you desire. Always nostalgic for that place that haunts your dreams, this eclipse in the house of committed love sees your inner trickster stepping up to the plate, and you feel as though you’re flying without a net.

On July 25, the narrator in your chart, Mercury, turns retrograde in your eighth house of one-on-one intimacy, and this feels like the perfect time for a sexy confession. You do produce one of those tales from the past that you don’t even remember if it actually happened or you dreamed it, but it does succeed in turning on your partner. It could also be that an old flame comes to mind in a random moment and continues to seduce you in your dreams. That person that you were so happy to disconnect from may suddenly take on a startling new allure.

The month’s last weekend brings with it a rebellious Aquarian lunar eclipse vibe on the twenty-seventh. You could ignite this flame just for the feeling of liberation it promises.

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