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Month of Apr 2019: This is a month of extremes, Taurus, so hold on tight. April starts out ice cold as misunderstandings and petty fights take control over the first two weeks. Venus is still in Pisces, the creator of miscommunication. Add Mercury entering rash Aries on April 16, and you’ve got a recipe for sexual disaster. Stop fighting to make your point. Just try a little tenderness with your lover.

Thankfully, your luck starts to turn on the nineteenth, when the full moon is in Libra for a second time to give you a much-needed boost of charm and seduction. Your chances of getting lucky will greatly improve and bring an end to that dry spell. Don’t try to make a commitment right now. Just savor the moment.

Things get steamier for the rest of the month as Venus enters Aries on April 20, the same day the sun enters your sign. Your chances of getting lucky will dramatically increase during this time. Venus in physical Aries ignites your sensuality and fills you with passion. Expect some birthday sex during this time - and enjoy it! This isn’t the time for words. Let your body do the talking.

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