Month of Dec 2020: Your sex drive goes into the deep freeze as December rolls in thanks to Mercury entering Sagittarius on the first. You want a serious relationship while your lover wants to keep their options open. Try to get grounded when the total solar eclipse is in Sagittarius on December 14. The green-eyed monster isn’t a good holiday look.

If you’re still battling your jealous tendencies when Venus enters Sagittarius on the fifteenth, talk it over with your friends. They’ll give you their honest opinions. Don’t let stubbornness spoil your good time when Saturn enters Aquarius the next day. If your lover wants to try something new in the bedroom, give it a shot. You could be surprised how much you enjoy this new activity by the time Jupiter enters Aquarius on December 19.

Your sex life improves when Mercury enters Capricorn on the twentieth, and you get back into your old lovemaking routine. The best day to get it on is when the sun enters Capricorn on December 21, and you get your groove back. If there’s still some leftover tension when the full moon is in Cancer on the twenty-ninth, take the opportunity to clear the air. You might get your New Year’s kiss a little early.

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