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Month of Sep 2019: Mars is in analytical Virgo for the month, but you can’t seem to think logically. The green-eyed monster is showing its ugly head among all that fall foliage. Blame Jupiter quincunx the north node of the moon on September 10 for those jealous feelings. Don’t give in to your impulses; you’ll lose your lover for sure.

Lucky for you, you’ll snap out of your jealous phase by the fourteenth when both Mercury and Venus enter Libra, giving you the warm fuzzies. The air might be getting cooler, but your bedroom is heating up. Major cuddle sessions are on the horizon.

Saturn goes direct on September 18, granting you a surge of confidence. New season, new you as you put yourself out there. Yes, give that person your number! Wear that cute sweater! Own your sex appeal, Taurus.

The sun entering Libra on the twenty-third will encourage you to add some spice in the bedroom, and no, we don’t mean pumpkin spice. Let your freak flag fly!

While things are getting hot and heavy in the bedroom, don’t make any major decisions yet. When the new moon is in Libra on September 28, consider your head, gut, and heart before making things official.

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