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Month of Sep 2019: The month begins with a great start as Mercury, Venus, and Mars are still in your sign. Impress your love interest with your eager intelligence and attention to detail. Remember all the little things about them to use later. They’ll be touched that you noticed and reward you in the bedroom. Being a perfectionist has its perks.

Things start shifting on September 14 when Mercury and Venus leave your sign for airy Libra. Look for creative ways to express your desires if words fail you. Remember, you can use your mouth for things other than just talking.

Your sex life gets a little rocky on the twenty-first when Jupiter squares Neptune, leaving you to question some things about your new relationship. Is this a fling or the real deal? Take some time to really analyze your feelings. You don’t have to make a major commitment yet.

Fortunately, your stamina gets a welcome boost on September 23 when the sun enters Libra, giving you a carefree attitude that your partner will appreciate.

Keep things cool and casual on the twenty-eighth when the new moon is in Libra. Nothing kills a hot romance quicker than getting too serious too fast. Stay chill, Virgo.

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