Month of Jan 2019: You could start the new year with a bit of harmless discord. Virgo is known to be critical, and a solar eclipse on January 5 could paint you as either a saint or a sinner. Unbeknownst to others, you lean more heavily toward the saintly image, but Uranus is moving into direct motion on the sixth, and you could make a sharp turn toward the sinner image. Your partner loves the wicked behavior. Your eyes act as a catalyst as they promise more than you can deliver.

Jupiter squares Neptune on January 13, dissolving your very strong and secure boundaries, and you experience one of your vulnerable days. The sometimes blasé Virgo soul needs to be loved and nurtured, and this is the time when, like a slow-moving fog, the romantic atmosphere becomes thick and hazy. It’s doubtful you’ll fall in love with the wrong person, but be on your guard. Tomorrow has more clarity to it.

At the supermoon lunar eclipse of the twentieth, the cosmos is oozing erotic energy, and the sometimes offbeat and wildly adventurous lover that you really are comes out to play and stays in that mode for the rest of the month.

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