Month of Aug 2020: Summer is coming to a close, but there’s still some naughty fun to be had. The full moon in Aquarius on August 3 brings some new changes into your bedroom, ones that leave you dripping with desire. Mercury entering Leo may have you changing your mind about your desires the next day, but you know what feels good.

The August heat won’t stop your yearning to cuddle with your lover when Venus enters Cancer on the seventh. Spooning is your foreplay—even if you are a little sweaty. Tell your lover or crush how much you want them when Vesta enters Leo on August 11. Speak your truth: You’re horny. They’re cute. See what happens.

Sexual tensions begin to escalate when Uranus retrogrades on the fifteenth. It’s not the heat outside, it’s the fire between you two. Speak now or forever hold your orgasms. You’ll feel your sexiest when the new moon is in dramatic Leo on August 18. Flaunt what you got and show off your rocking body in your favorite summer outfit. Your season starts when the sun enters your sign on the twenty-second. Celebrate by doing something sweet for your lover. They’ll happily return the favor.

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