Monthly SexScope

Tomorrow is another day, and with a full moon in torrid Cancer on January 1, you want to keep this between the two of you. Within a few days, Neptune in Pisces and your house of love weaves a rose-colored spell, and this is the time when you get your erotic mischief on.

On the new moon of the sixteenth, the cosmos is oozing erotic energy, and you make a few moves that surprise the both of you. The offbeat and wildly adventurous lover that you really are comes out to play and stays in that mode all month.

The lunar eclipse of January 31 brings the usually reticent Virgo into the limelight. Whatever your special talent is - art, song, dance - the wildly adventurous lover that you really are is recognized and a star is born. An unattached Virgo notices that there is love in the air wherever chance finds you. Make the most of this deliciously sexy day and the two weeks that follow. Any eye you catch could be a potential romantic involvement.

You start the new year with a bit of harmless discord. Virgo can be a saint or sinner, - your eyes are the catalyst as they promise more than you’re willing to deliver.

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Grounding Elements - Crystal of the Moment


This Saturday, Venus meets up with Neptune in dreamy, otherworldly Pisces. Get ready for some magic! Olivia Pepper explains.

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