Month of Jun 2020: If you were hoping that June would be full of romance and sexual satisfaction, think again. Vesta entering Cancer on June 3 could bring a jealous lover into your life, draining your sex drive. Kick them to the curb when the lunar eclipse is in Sagittarius on the fifth. Summer is too short for drama. At the Uranus-Chiron semi-sextile on June 10, look for pleasure elsewhere—even if it’s with yourself.

Miscommunications and misconnections are common as Mercury retrogrades on the seventeenth. While this may not be the perfect time for romance, download a dating app anyway. The best day make a connection will be when the sun and the solar eclipse are in Cancer on June 20. Show that sensual side you’ve been holding back.

The second half of the month brings waves of pleasure. Miscommunication still happens, especially when Neptune retrogrades on the twenty-second, but you’ll handle it with grace and humor. Venus goes back into direct on June 24, making you think that your latest flame could last for longer than a season. Use the courage of Mars entering Aries on the twenty-seventh to make it official.

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