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Month of Apr 2019: Spring may be in full bloom, but your sex life is still hibernating. Mars in Gemini is making you a nervous wreck. You need to have a conversation with your lover about how you feel. Expressing your feelings has never been your strong suit, Virgo, but it’s necessary if you want to clear up your emotional turmoil. Speak your truth before April 16, when Mercury enters Aries and ruins your chance at a peaceful resolution.

This isn’t a completely sour month, however. Jupiter turning retrograde on the tenth allows you to open your mind and have a more positive, understanding response to your lover. This can create a very blissful time for you. However, this will only happen if you wholeheartedly listen to your lover - without any judgmental side-eye. Leave your sensitivity at home.

While this isn’t the sexiest month on record, it is a good time to evaluate your intimate relationships. Is this working for you? If not, cut them loose. Stay confident and don’t allow toxic people into your life - or your bed. It’s okay to not be involved with someone right now. In fact, it can be fun to take control of your own pleasure.

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