September 2018: It’s tough for the clear-headed Virgo to not be totally focused at all times, but when a sun-Neptune opposition takes over the weekend of September 7, it stirs up confusion as well as an exotic brew. This brew creates a rare magical experience in the solar plexus where desire meets action, and strong breezes of unconditional love are wafting your way. It may not be a full-blown trip to commitment heaven but more of a puddle-jumping interlude packed with possibilities and nonstop lovemaking.

With Uranus in your ninth house of “let’s get away from it all,” you couldn’t pick a better time to book a ticket to a far-off place. September is one of those months when you feel like dramatically telling your life story to someone who really cares. Whether it’s the sound of crashing waves or whatever hypnotic juju the cosmos is emitting, Neptune in your first house is blinding you to reality. But you really don’t care because you’re desperately in need of unlimited stroking. A truth-telling fest takes you via the full moon to the eighth house of sizzling intimacy on the twenty-fourth.

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