Month of Nov 2018: Virgo loves stability in a relationship, and changing partners is difficult for you. With Mercury turning retrograde on November 16, the temptation could be there to make a change. On the very same day, your ruler Venus, the goddess of love, gets restless, so she gives you an “okay” nod. All the action is in the neighborhood, and while it could be a bit dangerous to bump into a partner as you step out the door, “the sky’s the limit” is your attitude, and that tells the story of your success.

Mars squares Jupiter on the nineteenth, and a well-kept secret leaks out.

While you both work at patching up hurt feelings, a nervous, chatterbox Gemini new moon on November 22 adds thunder to the stormy conditions that are brewing. On this highly volatile night, the two of you are on overload. It’s going to take more than a deep-tissue massage to put you on the road to a delicious romantic recovery. It’s going to take what you hate to impart – words - deep, loving, and caring words.

Confusion reigns in November, and all those sexy moves you pride yourself on could drift off into the ether rather than hit the target.

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