Monthly SexScope

It isn’t all about business this month. You want an erotic escape, and the cosmos comes to your aid with a zany runaway scheme. It’s really all about loosening up on the control issues and letting that fire you feel burn wild. You literally step out of your three-piece suit in the most auspicious of places and welcome your erotic feelings in the most playful of ways. You may want to add new tricks, expand your sense of romantic play, and generally invest in romance with the same verve you bring to your professional life.

On March 17, the new moon in sneaky Pisces, the sign of a thousand faces, makes it extremely difficult to choose your brand of sexy disguise from the vast array. For you, embracing your wild nature seems to set off thunder in the background, or is that just your heart beating?

Early in the game, you learned to spot sticky situations and avoid them, and these same senses are at work on the twenty-second, when Mercury also dons another face. Hopefully, you are with the one you love and trust, because with all the electricity in the air, the forces that are unleashed may not be able to be harnessed later.

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