November 2018: The November stars are all congregated in the “up close and personal” sector of your chart. If attached, you can expect to be deluged with love words, and the single Capricorn could have your head turned with complimentary come-ons.

You may have been keeping to yourself an issue that needs addressing, but you’re about to let it all out as Venus turns direct on November 16. All your issues come tumbling out with this direct station, as does a tad of rebellion, and you could slip out on a partner. Is this rebellion caused by Mercury in your twelfth house of secrets turning retrograde on the very same day? If so, this is a dangerous time, but it feels deliciously naughty to interact with someone new.

The full moon of the twenty-second is in Gemini, and you take on some of the mannerisms of that slippery devil. A quarter moon in Virgo on November 29 is far from emotional, and suddenly plans that you’ve kept on hold take on a new urgency. You could crave a short walk on the wild side

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