July 2018: Taurus can’t be rushed in life, love, or the bedroom, and your personal morality code makes sex with a stranger taboo, although the temptation is strong. The cranky quarter moon in your twelfth house of secrets and behind-the-scenes love on July 6 could see you really tempted, and it sends a signal as to how the rest of the month will evolve. If temptation is to be satisfied, what you’ll need to make this encounter really sizzle is privacy, privacy, and more privacy.

It’s on or about the solar eclipse of the twelfth that a deeper level of kink is introduced - in your mind, any hint of the conventional is to be avoided. Never take an eclipse lightly. They are instigators, and this weekend’s Leo moon could ignite a fated experience on Saturday when it beams its light on Neptune and Pluto.

Mercury’s retrograde on July 25 is about sexual confusion but also about nostalgia and yearning. A sex-starved Taurus could be haunted by ghosts of love, and during a stray moment, a former lover could come to mind, an image that’s hard to shake.

A lunar eclipse in Aquarius on the last weekend of the month could provoke you into defining some long-needed boundaries.

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