Month of Mar 2019: To paraphrase the famous Rolling Stones song, you just can’t seem to get any satisfaction. Thank the perfect storm of Venus in Aquarius, Mercury in retrograde, and Uranus in your sign - all in the first week of March - for your increased sexual appetite and demands. Overcompensating with sex will damage your overall health and relationship. You might just want to stick to other stress-releasing activities this month.

Uranus will be in your house, starting on March 6 and for the next seven years, bringing major surprises and upheaval into your life. Every aspect of your life could be completely different within the next several years. This won’t be a bad thing, but it could be distressing from time to time. Keep your head up and go with the flow. You can’t stop the planets, after all.

Mercury’s retrograde in emotional Pisces from the fifth to the twenty-eighth will increase your sexual cravings while lowering your communication skills - a deadly combination. You’re typically levelheaded, but extremely high expectations could make you and your lovers miserable. Your sign is the Bull for a reason, but try to be flexible. It will help you in the long run.

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