Monthly SexScope

The full moon on March 1 shines its low-hanging, sexy light on the two of you, and the atmosphere is so sexually charged that you make a premature commitment to hold on to these feelings.

Above all else, Taurus singles want that elusive lifelong intimacy called love, and the promise of wicked, rose-colored nights is almost close enough to touch. Bulls are hard-loving souls, and you do so want to keep this impossible to understand love affair from slipping through your fingers. You are so consummately seductive that there are times when you just want to take all that sexiness and go undercover for a brief period, and this could be one of those times (except with Uranus camped out in your behind-the-scenes twelfth house, there is a totally unexpected outcome to this hiatus).

On or around the twenty-second, when Mercury moves into retrograde motion, this relationship that has grown by leaps and bounds may hit a wall. Wild card Uranus is an icebreaker, and he liberates what may be the last of your inhibitions. This month, it could be just the medication the doctor would have ordered. You have wanted to take a love affair to a new destination, writing “the end” to your long search for a soul mate or even strutting down the aisle, but this sudden green light may be alarming.

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