September 2018: The sun opposes Neptune on September 7, and while this is a fuzzy connection, beautiful dreams can emerge from a night with this planetary aspect.

The first ten days of September sizzle, but under that smoldering there is temper. With the full moon in Aries, your “sneaking around” twelfth house, on the ninth, someone could throw a tantrum. It isn’t usually the Taurus way, but with this particular full moon, the tendency might be to shift your loving feelings many times. An Aries full moon wants its own way. Don’t be petulant. Your emotions are too deep, and you could get caught in your own foolhardy trap.

A square between Mars and Uranus on the eighteenth wants what it wants, no matter what other person this beguiling face is involved with. Behind all that grace and charm, Venus is greedy and lets it be known. It could be hard keeping more than one ball in the air this month, but then, not only has Taurus been known to put Humpty-Dumpty back together again but Taurus also really enjoys it.

Pluto, the gangster of lust, turns direct on September 30, and that might make this affair more than just a hit-and-run incident. You could fall hard for someone who should have been borrowed love.

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