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You’re a very private person, Virgo, but with the sun in your ninth house of highly evolved chatter in May, you’ll spill one of your juicy secrets. Even the timidest among you have had the desire to play with fire, and you’ve struck more than one match in your time.

On May 21, a quarter moon in your sign not only allows but urges you to let some steam out of that boiling cauldron. You could stage your own private tryst, luring in your latest sexual fantasy. The good news and the bad news are the same - there are no boundaries keeping you from initiating or stabilizing a love affair.

When gift-bearing Jupiter fully embraces idealistic Neptune on the twenty-fifth, you could choose another road to intimacy not knowing what the outcome of this dangerous move will be. Crushes are not a way of life with you, but with this occasionally deceptive star in your seventh house of “happily ever after” for years to come, it could be that you just can’t resist a pretty face and flattering come-on right now. This is just part of the innocence and charm that will continue to be a way of life for you and keep both friends and lovers coming back for more.

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