Month of Dec 2018: There’s a new moon in kinky Sagittarius and your eighth house of behind-closed-door love on December 6 that accentuates your surreptitious nature. Mercury turns direct on this same day, and you can’t help spilling information that you’ve been hiding.

The next day, sometimes deceitful Neptune, together with your ruler Mars, tempts you to move ahead with a wicked deed you’ve been formulating. You never did feel that intimacy is only reserved for a long-term relationship. To your surprise, what you imagined would be a one-night stand could blossom into a boiling cauldron of hot love.

On the weekend of the twenty-second, a clingy full moon in Cancer begins whispering in your ear and you’re reminded that you could lose some newly discovered freedoms. There might be a battle within until you give yourself the gift of a new erotic beginning.

New Year’s Eve exudes steamy sex when Mars moves into Aries and the behind-the-scenes action of your seething twelfth house is on the agenda. Tonight, the unattached Taurus is emanating a glow that reaches that certain someone. There could an immediate attachment that alleviates any loneliness you may have been feeling, but is it temporary?

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