August 2018: Your relationship temperature is set to slow burn, but when a square on August 1 between Mars and Uranus turns that slow burn to boiling, you overwhelm your partner on both a physical and emotional level.

The eleventh brings a solar eclipse in your fifth house of pushing boundaries beyond the limit. This eclipse in “gets away with murder” Leo could blind you to the road ahead, which is scary for the cautious Taurus. August is 31 days of heat, and we’re not just talking about the climate.

A quarter moon and deceptive Mercury turning direct on August 18 could bring a proposition that blindsides you. Your partner makes a demand and compromise seems impossible with this sudden “all or nothing” attitude.

It could take until the Jupiter-Neptune trine the next day to bring the mellow mood necessary to begin an erotic marathon that makes the decision for you. You may try to mask it, but you do prefer to explore the physical side of a relationship before the poetic words begin to flow. Speaking of masks, the black silky number you keep beside the bed could serve as more than an aide to the land of Nod this month.

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