Your mood is hot and the cosmic climate is chilly as the month begins, and it could take until mid-April to heat things up. Real fireworks don’t happen until the new moon in Aries and your house of behind-the-scenes romance on the fifteenth. Use that sultry Taurus voice as a sexual tool as you lure an old or new love into your nest.

On April 19, the sun moves into your sign, that special time of year when you want to bring not only your heart but also your soul to physical passion. If unattached, you could be sending out sexy vibes when a like-minded soul picks up the message, and the rest is history. You and your love interest may want to avoid your usual gang this month, and it isn’t just because you’re naturally possessive. You’re looking for real love and you seek private time.

A torrid full moon in Scorpio on the twenty-ninth could be what brings you to a crossroads. Wickedly sensuous and always ready for love, you could get what you want via a long-lasting stare contest. Your romantic toolbox is brimming with new strategies, and your partner may not notice that the plans on the drawing board involve bringing him or her more pleasure, ensuring that you are likely to benefit in turn.

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