October 2018: On October 5, Venus turns retrograde in your seventh house of partners for life, and you could come face to face with what certainly appears to be fate.

A few days later, by the new moon in Libra on the eighth, this sexy affair has grown by leaps and bounds and you’re hooked. What began as just an erotic interlude could within the next seven days burst into full-fledged love, and this is rare for someone who has had many past loves and knows the difference between love and lust.

On October 10, the moon in Scorpio shakes up your emotions as it dances with nine stars in the zodiac band, and you’re thoroughly enjoying the ride.

The sun moves into Scorpio and opposes Uranus on the twenty-third, and your partner learns firsthand what it’s like to be practically joined at the hip with one of the most erotically exciting lovers of the zodiac.

Above all else, Taurus wants lifelong intimacy. When one of the most romantic nights of the month rolls around - the October 31 quarter moon in Leo - it adds its lusty rays to the setting and some important emotional blackmail is transacted.

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