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Month of Apr 2020: Spring may have sprung, but your sex drive is going back into hibernation when Venus leaves your sign in favor of Gemini on April 3. Focus on your own self-care. If you’re in a romantic relationship when the full moon is in Libra on the seventh, use the diplomatic energy to discuss your feelings. Do you want to take things to the next level? Whatever you decide to do, you’ll be happy when Mercury enters Aries on April 10. All those suspicions you’ve had about your lover will be resolved when the sun enters your sign on the nineteenth. Celebrate by getting down and dirty.

The best day to get laid is when the new moon is in your sign on April 22. You and your lover can enjoy each other with sensual passion, learning every inch of each other’s body. Ceres entering Pisces on the twenty-fourth will only heighten these feelings. Let your lover spoil you rotten.

Watch out when Pluto turns retrograde on April 25. An ex could try to worm their way back into your bed. Don’t let them! Luckily, your sex life will be back on track when Mercury enters your sign on the twenty-seventh.

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