June 2018: Seduction blossoms on hot summer nights, beginning as early as the first weekend in June. That’s when a grand water trine, followed closely by a quarter moon on June 6, could ignite a long, sexy, and overdue discussion. Your approach could confuse your partner since it’s long on words and Taurus is all about the physical. Always possessive, you tighten your already strong grip on your partner’s emotions, and you could be more in love than you ever thought you possible. There is queasiness about the loss of control that could lie ahead, but there’s no stopping you.

Is it anger or lust raising its disruptive head at the new moon on the thirteenth? You flourish in these steamy interludes, but all the angst can be bypassed with just a few sinful whispered words.

A cranky Mars retrograde, starting on June 26, contributes to the relationship altercations that arise. The day after the retrograde starts, a full moon in Capricorn conjoining Saturn is trying to determine what’s real and what isn’t. Neptune is on the scene in loving aspect to the moon and wildly painting the whole day in rose-colored hues. Today, it’s difficult to decipher whether it’s real love or just old-fashioned lust.

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