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Month of Oct 2019: Your sex life has risen from the grave, Virgo. Thank Mercury entering Scorpio and Mars entering Libra on October 3 for casting a magic spell on your love life. Whether you met your latest lover while picking apples or at a costume party, you’ll enjoy this whirlwind affair.

Take a time-out from your hot romance and focus on your feelings when Venus enters emotional Scorpio on the eighth. Don’t let this new flame burn out too quickly. Snuggle up with your love interest for a cozy night in on October 13 when the full moon is in Aries. Going out is overrated.

Things heat up again when the sun enters sensual Scorpio on the twenty-third. Go on a cute fall date like carving pumpkins, taking a hayride, or getting freaky in a haunted house. Whatever works for you!

Woo your lover with your intelligence when the new moon is in Scorpio on the twenty-seventh. Witty banter can be used as foreplay for some frighteningly good lovemaking. Keep this kinky energy going on Halloween. Mercury’s retrograde won’t keep you from getting laid. In fact, it might encourage you to experiment in the bedroom. Let that freak flag fly, Virgo!

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