Logic and order aren’t the stuff of great love, but they do provide a foundation for devotion, loyalty, and even kinky sex. (Yes, Virgo has a kinky side.) Sexy moves work for you this month even with the cautious Capricorn flavor permeating the cosmos, and it blends well with your Virgo spirit. A self-sufficient soul finds it difficult to enter a committed relationship, but this month could be different. In your mind, commitment to one person is a long process and not one to be rushed into, but you thrive within its confines.

The month begins with a stern Mars-Saturn conjunction on April 2, and though you might try to drown in a sea of intimacy, there is more than one life preserver thrown your way.

At the new moon of the fifteenth, you could see yourself waving the white flag of surrender regarding a commitment as the two of you spend most of your hours indulging in hot and sassy alone time.

When there is time for chatter, it will involve tips on body maintenance, different aphrodisiacs, and possibly decisions on sex toys. No subject is taboo between the two of you.

There are always unexpected twists and turns, and with a full moon in Scorpio on April 29, there could be an unexpected and deeply soulful seduction.

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