October 2018: The new moon of October 8 wakes up your daring inner child, and suddenly it’s easy for that sexy stranger to lure you into a tangled web. You, someone who seldom makes snap decisions - especially about romantic prospects - find yourself ensnared in this sexy trap.

The spicy bait is too much to resist on the tenth when thrill-seeking Venus gives the eye to macho love warrior Mars, and the two of you are lost in this cumbersome bondage. Venus and Mars have been lovers throughout eternity. For the single Virgo, it brings a life-or-death feeling to intimacy, and the less you know about this new partner, the more heat is generated.

When this new erotic interest tests your limits, as happens at the cranky quarter moon on October 16, you might decide to pick up your clothes and leave this sexy crime scene. An already spoken for Virgo feels the same intensity, and you bombard your lover with explicit texts to raise the temperature on this affair.

After weeks of lusty loving, the full moon of the twenty-fourth brings the realization that it’s back to the drawing board once more. You just can’t help yourself on the month’s last day as a quarter moon in gadabout Leo finds you texting an old love.

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