virgo Monthly Work Horoscope for July 2021

Month of July 2021

The new moon on July 9 offers you an opportune time to ask your boss for a raise. The good news is that you might actually receive the extra income you ask for if you make a strong case. When Mercury moves into Cancer two days later, you could receive news from your employer about your request. Feeling that your hard work at the office is being appreciated will make you extremely happy. 

When centaur Chiron starts its retrograde journey on the fifteenth, you might be surprised by the amount of cash available to you. Be prepared to get even more money than you asked for—and perhaps a title change to go with the raise. 

When Venus aligns with your sign on July 21, you’ll be feeling amazing because all your professional efforts are paying off. This energy is followed by Mars entering Virgo on the twenty-ninth, which gives you even more incentive to step up your professional game and make some changes that transform the office for the better. By the end of July, you’ll be dealing with a whole new vibe and energy that can facilitate your success.