Week of Feb 1, 2021: You’re craving a deep, transformative, and knowing brand of love as the moon in your intimate eighth house forms a trine with the sun in your twelfth house of spirituality. However, when the sun squares Mars in your communication sector, it may be difficult to accurately describe or express these needs in a way that feels considerate to your partner. Find a way to bring a romantic grand gesture into the mix by the second, because the moon will trine the North Node in your playful fifth house. A little creativity could get your message across beautifully.

However, beware of snooping in places you shouldn’t be meddling in by February 3, when the moon in your explorative ninth house squares Venus in your secretive twelfth house. If you don’t trust your partner to tell you the truth, investigating the truth on your own may wind up hurting your feelings more than simply talking to them about it and working through these issues together.

The Venus-Saturn conjunction lands in your healing twelfth house on February 6, which may dredge up painful memories in your relationships that you haven’t quite dealt with yet. Expect a conversation or a piece of information to trigger a healing experience as Venus squares Uranus, but remember—healing can sometimes be messy.

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