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Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of November 26, 2023

Allow love to take you on a compassionate and dreamy journey this week. The full moon in Gemini on November 27 will heighten your empathy and psychic sensitivity. If you are single, open yourself up to connections that make sense to your emotional well-being. If you have already paired up, try to foster a deeper bond with your partner. Small romantic gestures can hit in big ways if you put the effort into it. This full moon will also spark your creativity, so plan a date that involves art in some way. 

Allow the presence of Mercury entering Capricorn to ground you from idealizing situations. It is good to find a balance between fantasy and reality. Communication with others is crucial, as you need to listen to their needs. Embrace your tender side this week and channel your inner poet. Create relationships that nurture your spirit. Your intuition will guide you and allow your emotions to make a harmonious, romantic experience.

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Align your career path with your values, Pisces. If you want to pursue something aligned with your professional purpose and desires, you might have a chance to explore your options when Mercury in Sagittarius trines the North Node in Aries on Sunday, November 26. The fiery trine will encourage you to go after your aspirations, especially if there is something professionally and financially beneficial on the table.  Luckily, you could make up your mind as soon as the next day during the full moon in Gemini. The lunar energy will encourage you...

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Weekly Dating Horoscope

On Monday, you could learn something new that throws you back into confusion over a crush or something equally important. That will almost immediately get you working on something big and new and fun. Your excitement midweek will be powerful enough to get your friends moving. Keep it down low late in the week or those same friends might feel like you're stepping on their business. Move ahead over the weekend even if you haven't figured out every angle.

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December 9

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Month of December 2023

On December 6, your ethereal home planet Neptune leaves its retrograde cycle and goes direct while in your hazy, sensitive sign, reminding you to be more compassionate and understanding. You can’t change the past, Pisces, but you can commit to doing better in the future. You might find it difficult...

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Year of 2023

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