Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

Week of June 30, 2024

Your ruling planet, Neptune, enters a long retrograde period from July 2 until December. You'll likely be the most affected by this transit of all the signs, not just because it's your ruling planet but because you are a mutable sign. It will mostly deal with how you see yourself versus how the rest of the world sees you. Don't be surprised if you're feeling experimental for the next six months with your style, social media platforms, and other forms of self-expression. This is a great opportunity for self-discovery. 

The first day of retrograde is also full of intuitive insight, as well as when the moon trines Neptune. Trust your instincts right now and get out your journal or sketchbook to help iron out the details. Neptune is still in your sign when the moon forms a square to it on the fourth. You may feel slightly anxious and have misleading ideas about yourself or others.

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Who are you, Pisces? You should have a clearer self-perception after Neptune stations retrograde in your sign on Tuesday, July 2. The retrograde period will encourage you to be realistic about who you are and what you bring to the table. Over the next few months, you may see a difference in how you see yourself in your professional environments. As a result, this could help you make the necessary changes to grow in your career path as a professional.  Part of this may begin with how you convey your thoughts and feelings since Mercury will also...

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Confusion may reign on Monday and Tuesday as you find yourself of two minds about pretty much every decision that comes your way. It's a great time to hang back and let other folks lead the way. Romance is going to take center stage on Wednesday and keep you feeling larger than life through Friday. It might be a new crush or a new level of intimacy with your current sweetie. Over the weekend, it will be insanely difficult for you to focus on any one thing, so stay away from work if possible.

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On June 2, a harmonious Mercury-Neptune sextile increases intuition and psychic premonitions, allowing you to use your subconscious to its fullest advantage in your love life. Your dreams reveal solutions to current relationship issues or details about your future soul mate that you won’t receive...

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