Week of Feb 1, 2021: You and your lover may be on different pages as the week begins. On February 1, the sun in your practical sixth house will square off with Mars in your ninth house of perspective, which may lead to misunderstandings. Try not to be too stubborn about your perspective, because there’s a chance you or your lover are missing key information that will help clear the situation up.

Be extra cautious of how you communicate your feelings and opinions by the fourth. The moon in your third house of messages will oppose Mars in your philosophical ninth house and you and your lover may find yourself debating politics, current events, and so on. This can devolve into an argument if you forget to put yourself in their shoes. The moon will also form a trine with Neptune in your partnership sector, encouraging empathy over pridefulness.

The amount of effort you put into your partnership is on the table by February 6. The Venus-Saturn conjunction in your sixth house of actions will reveal where you can work harder and spend more energy on your love life. As Venus squares Uranus, unexpected interferences could detract your focus from what matters, so double up on the considerate behavior.

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